Gold indeed has a universal appeal to all humans due to its shiny appearance and rarity. Owning very precious and valuable items can sometimes bring a sense of satisfaction and pride to a person. That’s why we think gold promotional products can be an interesting marketing idea for brands to pique the interest of many people.

Recently, I came across this POS display by Monster Energy Drink at a convenience store in Hong Kong. The brand is having a contest giveaway in which they are offering gold custom promotional products as special prizes.

Gold Promotional Products

Gold Promotional Products


About Monster Energy’s Contest Giveaway

The contest giveaway is called “Get the Gold” and runs from 8 July to 4 August 2020. In order to participate, customers have to purchase any 2 of their products and SMS their receipt to the number provided. Other than Hong Kong, this promotion is also seen in Singapore.


Gold Promotional Products Up for Grabs

Grand Prize: Gold Chain

Gold Promotional Products

Gold Promotional Products

The grand prize is a Monster Energy branded 18-karat gold chain and there is only one lucky winner.


Second Prize: Gold Headphones

Gold Promotional Products

Gold Promotional Products

The second prize is Skull Candy Gold Crusher Headphones and 20 winners will be chosen from the entries. Co-branded Merchandise indeed makes a great marketing strategy!


Third Prize: Gold Sunglasses

Gold Promotional Products

Gold Promotional Products

Only 50 participants stand a chance to win a pair of Optic Gold Branded Sunglasses.


How Does this Promotion Make Monster Energy Bling?

Gold Promotional Products

Gold Promotional Products (Source: Monster Energy)


Drive Sales

Many shoppers will be allured by this promotional giveaway as they will want to be that lucky winner who will own the one-of-a-kind gold necklace. Owning something very unique, exclusive, and expensive can give them a sense of satisfaction.

Also, some are interested in the other 2 gold promotional products as they are something very practical and will be used often in their daily lives.


Customer Loyalty

Contest Giveaways can be a great way to build a relationship between the customer and the brand. Also, it makes sure that the customer will continue to purchase their products.

Some may even purchase more of Monster Energy Drink cans to up their chances of winning the products.


Brand Exposure

This giveaway by Monster Energy is something new and different compared to other brand’s promotion. Offering gold promotional products as contest gifts can create buzz online.

In addition, this promotion will capture the attention of many people. It will attract new customers who have not tried their products, who may purchase their products in order to get that gold.


Boost Brand Image

Lastly, gold is something expensive and premium. Having such premium giveaways can boost the perceived value of their brand.

Gold Promotional Products

Gold Promotional Products


What Can We Learn from Monster Energy’s Promotion?

We can all learn from Monster Energy’s effective promotion in driving sales. Here are a few marketing golden nuggets that you can apply in your own marketing campaign:

Understanding your Customers

Monster Energy truly understands who its customers are and what they are interested in. The target market for energy drinks

  • Teens and Youths – The main target market for Monster Energy and all other energy drinks are teenagers and young adults, aged 18 to 34 years. The custom earphones and custom sunglasses are something that they will be interested in. Also, some of them are ostentatious and will want to win the gold chain so they can flash it.
  • Gamers – One of the biggest consumers of Energy Drinks are gamers due to its sugar and caffeine content. This can keep them active and allow them to game for long hours. So, offering gaming accessories like headphones will entice them to choose Monster Energy over other energy drinks.  Another interesting fact is that according to PayPal 2018 Global Gaming report, 90% of Hong Kong people said they played video games at least once a week. So, Monster Energy is able to target a large market.
  • Lavish Lifestyle – Some define success by the products they own.  Hence, they are driven by materialism and consumerism to brings them joy. So, gold products will definitely interest them. Furthermore, conspicuous consumption, which refers to the expenditure on or consumption of luxuries on a lavish scale in an attempt to enhance one’s prestige, is on a growth

By understanding the lifestyle and interests of your target market, you are able to ideate custom promotional merchandise and marketing campaigns your customer will be interested in.

Keeping Up with the Trends

This promotion also shows that the company is keeping up with the current trends of their target market. The current trend among youths is the western Hip Hop street style and Hypebeast culture. Usually, they will adorn themselves in gold. This kind of trend is prevalent in Hong Kong and other Asian countries. This is also a contributing factor to conspicuous consumption.

How we can help

What we can learn from this promotional giveaway is that in order to be successful in your promotion and make your brand bling, you will have to understand who your target market is and what their interests are. Furthermore, by keeping up with current trends, your brand will continue to stay relevant. Monster Energy’s promotion is a great example many brands can follow.

If you are needing help with rolling out your next marketing campaign, Do not hesitate to contact us. We have years of experience in the promotional products industry and our team can advise you on interesting promotional ideas. Together with our design agency, Mindsparkz, we offer product brainstorming sessions to come up with promotional ideas that fit your brand and additionally, will interest your customers.

Leave the responsibility to us and we will ensure you with high-quality branded promotional merchandise. We also offer services in between such as Factory Selection and Auditing, and Quality Control.


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