Kinder’s simple cardboard point of sale display does more than showcasing its delicious chocolate products. It was effectively used as a mode of advertisement for their ongoing contest marketing. We found this fantastic promotion at 7-11 in Hong Kong. The cardboard POS display that advertises the ongoing promotion caught our attention straightaway.



Cardboard Point of Sale Display- Contest Marketing

Cardboard Point of Sale Display- Contest Marketing

What is Contest Marketing?

The primary goal of having promotional draws and contests is to drive customers to support a company by giving them a unique brand experience. Prizes can range from useful household products to office items to apparel to experiential gifts such as a trip abroad or a famous landmark.

Contests are a surefire way to pique the curiosity of your customers. As people are naturally competitive, it effectively moves them to participate in the game. Furthermore, the “fear of missing out” is also at play here.

How do customers obtain the prize? Just buy two bars of Kinder Bueno to get a chance to win a trip to win free movie tickets or a trip to Harry Potter film location in England.

This is a unique way of retailing chocolate products. Usually, companies would offer “tangible” promotional product ideas such as gift with purchase bags or pen, or anything to remember you by. However, this strategy by Ferrero is somewhat different from their previouss campaigns. Who would not want a ticket to the famous Harry Potter film location?

This is definitely one of the most unique contest marketing ideas we have seen this year. This is because the gifts to be given away are not your every day promotional products. Moreover, the use of a cardboard pos display has helped them get the word out there. Here are the reasons this strategy works:


Cardboard Point of sale Display: Why Kinder Bueno’s Contest Marketing is a Hit?

QR Code– The use of QR Code made it easier for participants to visit the website and see the mechanics. It was printed on the cardboard POS display. This allows customers to enter the contest with ease. Just scan the QR code to find more information about the contest.

Cardboard Point of Sale Display- Contest Marketing

Cardboard Point of Sale Display- Contest Marketing

Engaging – It is engaging in the sense that customers will have to fulfill certain conditions before they could enter and win the contest. The prospect of receiving gifts prompts them to act right away.

Strategic Location of POS Display – The chocolate POS display is strategically positioned near the checkout counter so this really helps in driving more sales and repeat purchases. Furthermore, having a display dedicated to Kinder Bueno allowed them to highlight their marketing message, unlike when it is being advertised on a shelf along with other similar looking products.

Cardboard Point of Sale Display- Contest Marketing

Cardboard Point of Sale Display- Contest Marketing

Low-Cost Solution for Short Promotional Runs– As this is made out of cardboard, it is definitely much more cost-efficient than wood, plastic, or acrylic. Since it will be replaced once the promotion is over, it is an economical choice of custom POP display. Given the time frame of the contest, it makes sense to opt for something that is low-cost yet custom-designed and functional.

Very Informative- To convey this critical information, they have used the top part of the display. The QR code and even the website are printed on the cardboard POS display to connect with customers.

Drives Impulse Purchases Product placement is important to drive more sales. Customers are more likely to make additional purchases when they see the contest being advertised in the cardboard point of sale display, which is placed near the cashier.


Kinder is one of those brands that really pay attention to their confectionery displays. They have created so many eye-catching and meaningful product displays over the years, and we have featured some of them here. Take a look at some of our favorites below.


Previous POS Display Ideas by Ferrero and Kinder

This impressive free-standing shop display has definitely helped kinder command attention. As the products are facing the aisles, it makes it easier for customers to grab their products while on the go.


This one shows amazing depth and texture so it is really hard to miss. Once you enter the store, this is the first display that will get your attention.


Who would not recognize these cute egg mascots? This is one of our favorite display ideas. It was as if the statues were welcoming customers to this side of the store.


Classy and attention-grabbing, this CNY POS display reflects the Chinese culture so this really touches customers on a very personal level.


This hanging retail fixture is a simple and low-cost way to market small items. As such, the exclusive display has made the product easily noticeable.


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