Ferrero has effectively marketed its Kinder Joy products with a custom retail fixture in Co-Op, a supermarket in Vietnam. A custom retail display can bring many benefits, including better brand visibility and higher sales. How?

Custom Retail FixtureCustom Retail Fixture by Ferrero

What Can We Learn From Ferrero’s Custom Retail Fixture?

1. Appeal to your audience

One important thing that we can learn from Ferrero’s custom retail fixture is that appealing to your audience is important. As Kinder Joy is a product mainly enjoyed by children, Ferrero has made sure to make their POS display appealing to them. Kids make use of pester power to get their parents to purchase these products, and Ferrero makes sure that kids would easily their display and toys.

2. Simple and Straightforward POS Display Makes Impact

Another thing that we learned from Ferrero’s retail fixture design is that it is important to make your displays simple and straightforward. This prevents customers from confusion, and having to read through large chunks of text.

3. Custom Retail Displays Should Communicate Your Message

In this custom POP display, one can clearly see that the brand is offering “90 New Toys.” Once customers see that new items are on offer, they’ll be interested to make a purchase right away. Moreover, the color of the mounted display stand shows the predominant colors used in Kinder Joy packaging. As such, when customers spot them from a distance, they’ll be able to figure out that it’s Kinder Joy.


Ways to Further Improve Your Retail Fixture

1. Display Your Promotional Offers

Custom design the display for festival promotion! Here’s an excellent example from Ferrero’s CNY promotions:

2. Differentiate YOur Brand with Various Promotional Tools

Another way to make your company stand out would be to differentiate. Instead of using just one promotional tools, use multiple. There are a bevy of promotional strategies you can use alongside your custom retail fixture. Here’s a good example by Bulleit Whiskey:


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