Why stack your products next to its competitors when you can create an eye-catching point-of-sale (POS) display in the centre of the store? Ferrero are no strangers to grand POS advertising. Check out this extravagant Ferrero POS display we spotted recently in the popular Huafa Mall in Zhuhai, China.

Extravagant Ferrero POS Advertising Campaign: What We Can Learn

Extravagant Ferrero POS Advertising Campaign: What We Can Learn

You may know Ferrero Rocher chocolates as luxury confectionery gift items due to their individually wrapped hazelnut treats in gold foil, neatly placed on a gold tray. These chocolates are associated with the festive season, where most Ferrero sales (over 61%) occur during the last three months of the year. Could it be coincidence that the number of unique POS festive pos displays by Ferrero also rise during this time?

Benefits of POS Advertising for your Brand

Chocolate POS displays are known attract the attention of all customers, from children to adults! This is because they tend to be unique, elaborate and tailored to the time of year. For example, Ferrero dipped their toes into the Asian market by catering to the Chinese New Year with a CNY custom POS display. This type of seasonal promotion can not only increase brand awareness, but increase customer loyalty. This shows that the brand cares about culture-specific holidays while targeting a wide audience.

POS advertising can be as little as a small counter pos display or a large free-standing shop display. They can be innovative or simple, but still make a big impact by boosting sales.

POS displays are strategically placed to gain the most attention and therefore, guarantee exposure for your brand. This can draw in new customers while also impressing your existing customers! This Ferrero display would turn anyone’s head due its size and custom heart-shaped design.

Here at The ODM Group we can provide fully customised POS displays for your advertising campaign. From designing to sourcing and manufacturing, we can bring your idea to life. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


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