Check out this free-standing shop display by Kinder Joy! Located at the chocolates and confectionery section of the store, the bespoke shape of the POS display is a real head-turner. This is a great example of effective marketing through the use of custom retail display. See why we love this example!

Impressive Free-Standing Shop Display Boosts Kinder’s Brand Traction

Impressive Free-Standing Shop Display Boosts Kinder’s Brand Traction


What We Can Learn from Kinder’s Bespoke Free-Standing Shop Display

  • Commands Attention: Kinder’s custom POS display resemble their product packaging for Schoko Bons. It’s a candy-looking POS display with three compartments to display their products. The topmost part also houses a few of their Schoko Bons chocolates. The style, all the way down to the logo positioning, and color schemes, is well thought-out. And customers can easily determine that it is Kinder Joy they are looking at from a great distance.
Impressive Free-Standing Shop Display Boosts Kinder’s Brand Traction

Impressive Free-Standing Shop Display Boosts Kinder’s Brand Traction

  • Space-Saving: It’s small, which means, it saves a lot of store space. This would be perfect for smaller store floors. Moreover, merchandisers can easily transport the free-standing display unit near the window, checkout, or position them on end of gondola. This means greater chance for the brand to be seen by customers.
  • Out Of the Box Designs: Kinder stood out with their out of the box point of sale display unit and this gives their brand a competitive edge over competitors.

Also, if you notice, Kinder’s in-store displays are always out-lof-the-box. This is not the first time the brand used a custom in-store display that resembles their brand packaging design. In the past. they used an egg-shaped POS display to showcase their products. Check it out below:


They never fail to wow customers with their Holiday promotions as well. For Christmas, they decorated their shelf with Yuletide posters and customized their shelves to look Christmassy.


For Easter, Ferrero and Kinder set up an Easter inspired in-store display with Kinder mascots as props. The adorable egg shape statues effectively brought the brand closer to shoppers.


In conclusion, we certainly find this unique free-standing shop display to be very effective in creating brand awareness. The selling point of this display is its novelty, which really attracts kids, their primary audience.


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