Pepsi, one of the soda giants worldwide, is known to create unique promotional products and jaw-dropping special offers. Recently, they’ve added another asset to their wide arsenal of marketing tools and strategies. This time around, they’ve created custom a free standing display unit that could rival their competitors in Thailand.

POS displays are important marketing tools as they help attract the attention of customers in most retail shops. This free standing display unit is highly recommended to be placed on high traffic parts of the retail shops. Below is a good example of a good POS display from Ferrero Rocher.

Pepsi offers several soda brands under its wing. But instead of creating different POS display units for every drink, Pepsi uses a single stand for its diverse products. This allows consumers to select their preferred Pepsi products from one accessible spot.

Free Standing Display Unit by Pepsi Attracts Customers in Thailand

Free Standing Display Unit by Pepsi Attracts Customers in Thailand

Why We Love the Free-Standing Display Unit by Pepsi?

  • Enhances Brand Visibility – The familiar blue colour trademark of Pepsi makes the POS display easily distinguishable from afar. Thus, it effectively promotes the brand inside the retails shops. Also, Pepsi prints their logo on both sides which makes it even better.
  • Attract Customers – Most free standing display units easily catch the attention of customers because they are usually bespoke and different from the rest. Thus, people see the free standing display unit first when they come inside the store. This is why Pepsi stood out.
  • Simple but Effective – We love how simple the concept and design is. Definitely, it’s not flashy and not overly done, but it catches the attention of shoppers. Pepsi’s POS display is simple but delivers amazing results.
Free Standing Display Unit by Pepsi Attracts Customers in Thailand

Free Standing Display Unit by Pepsi Attracts Customers in Thailand

How Can this Campaign be Made Better?

Pepsi can also offer special promos, discounts, or marketing gifts. They could do a gift with purchase promo just like what Nescafe did in their recent campaign.

The importance of POS display units cannot be measured. They are great for both indoor and outdoor marketing. Depending on its materials, you can use it for short or long promo runs.

If you want to have your very own free-standing POS Display units, feel free to speak with us. Here at ODM we have a lot of experience in delivering high-quality design work to our clients. Please contact us today to see if we can help you with any upcoming projects.

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