As a promotional products company, the ODM Group has been tracking the promotional products Hashtag on Twitter to see who is tweeting and what is being said.  We’re constantly reviewing and looking out for new promotional product trends. Creating a promotional products report is important to ensure ODM stays relevant and successful.

What could we gather from the Promotional Products Report?

We gathered information based on the tweets with #promoproducts and created the following word cloud.  The number of mentions being represented by the size of the word.

Promotional Products Report

Promotional Products Report

Based on the word cloud, the main focus would be on “Marketing” and “Branding”. This is expected, as the main premise of Promotional Products would be marketing brand towards an audience. Also, we can see an increasing focus on “Digital Marketing”. The rise in the internet contributing significantly to this trend. This word cloud is great for understanding what people in the  promotional products industry are talking about, and what is interesting in the industry.

Aside from the word cloud, we also tracked who was tweeting. There were plenty of tweets on promotional products.  This shows the growth of the industry as a whole.

Here are the list of the top tweeters who have used #promoproducts :

Promotional Products Report

Top Tweeters – Promotional Products Report

Using promotional products for your brand is an extremely effective way to increase brand awareness and recognition. There are many different promotional tools that your company can use, such as in pack offers, on pack offers, and complimentary gifts with purchase, and they would be the perfect addition to any brand – due to the customer traffic that they can bring in. Using in store displays and custom POS displays effectively can also help to drive sales and boost revenue.

If you are interested in Promotional Gifts, feel free to contact us for guest blog publishing at our Promo Gift Blog page! Click on the image for an example of a blog article on the Promo Gift Blog page.

ODM will also be tracking the upcoming PPAI Expo, which will be held in Las Vegas!  Check out our blog post for more over the coming days.

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