The annual PPAI Expo is coming up, and ODM will be tracking this event to see who is tweeting and what is being said. The PPAI Expo is the largest, longest-running, and best attended promotional products trade show in the world. Set to return this month, the event will run from the 13th to 17th of January.

As the world’s largest promotional products trade show, the PPAI Expo provides many opportunities for promotional companies. The PPAI Expo gives various parties, including suppliers, promotional consultants and industry members, the opportunity to connect and build up rapport with each other. This can prove to be invaluable to your company, and help to boost your company to the next level!

What has ODM tracked so far for the PPAI Expo?

Even before the event has started, people on Twitter have already started tweeting about the event. There were a different variety of tweets with the #ppaiexpo. Vendors have announced their attendance, and excited people have tweeted about the event. Therefore, this proves the buzz surrounding the event.

For example:

For those who attended the expo, we hope you enjoyed your day, and that you found the event beneficial to your company.

Be sure to let us know which products caught your eye at the expo, and what your personal highlights were. Tweet us @ODMGroup with all your #PPAIExpo thoughts and we’ll feature your Tweets in this post. 

What could we gather from the Promotional Products Report?

For the duration of the expo, we gathered information based on the tweets with #ppaiexpo and created the following word cloud.  The number of mentions being represented by the size of the word.

PPAI Expo Word Cloud

PPAI Expo Word Cloud

Based on the word cloud, the focus was rather balanced, and some words that stood out to us were “Promoproducts” and “Branding”. This is expected, as the expo is heavily focused on promotional products, and product branding has certainly become more important.

Aside from the word cloud, we also tracked who was tweeting. There were plenty of tweets on promotional products.  This shows the popularity of the expo.

Here are the list of the top tweeters who have used #ppaiexpo :

Top Tweeters - PPAI Expo

Top Tweeters – PPAI Expo

The ODM Group is always following new market trends by tracking events and conferences, and here are some example of events that we have tracked in the past:


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