The 125th Canton Fair brought to us many new and innovative products! There are so many products that it is easy to overlook some. If you are interested in product sourcing, here is our list of the Top 25 Promotional Products consolidated from all three phases. To aid your reading, we will break it down into these 6 categories – Promotional Gifts, Bags, Notebooks, Pens, Outdoors Items and POS, and Decorations and Premiums. The items on this list are also unranked and are in no particular order.


Looking for Promotional Gifts?

Wallet with Wireless Powerbank

Product Sourcing

The two items we use the most nowadays are our phones and wallets. With our phones constantly running out of battery, why not find ways to merge a wallet with a portable charger? This is exactly what we saw!

This wallet features a wireless charging feature. This allows you to not only charge your phone on-the-go but to also keep your cash in check. The use of a branded wireless charger also significantly reduces the number of wires. This, in turn, allows you to create a clean minimalistic image.

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Bamboo Desktop Organiser with Wireless Charging


These bamboo desktop organizers with wireless chargers are full physical proof that technological advancement and eco-friendliness can coincide. We sit at our desks for most of our working hours and most of the time, our tables get messy. This Desktop Organiser not only helps to sort your table but also helps with the overall aesthetic. With an integrated wireless charger, not only does this product look sleek and wholesome, but it also incorporates the latest technology. The use of promotional wooden products is not only an eco-friendly alternative but the use of wood also helps your brand create a premium feel.

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Gemstone Bottles


Are you sourcing for a premium water bottle? Why not consider putting gemstones in them? Not only do these gemstones help elevate the value of the bottles but they also add color and contrast to the overall aesthetic. This helps to enhance the perceived value of the promo item. Additionally, the product is also highly customizable. The colors and shape of the gem can be customized to suit brand colors and quirky marketing designs. Better promote your marketing message by replacing the gems with other related items such as figurines or pictures. This is similar to custom branded snow globes!

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Digital Scale

"<yoastmarkProduct sourcing for travel promotional products? This multifunctional digital scale is the perfect item for you! It’s small size not only makes it highly portable, but it also packs a punch with its utility functions. This digital scale contains many tools such as a timer, ruler and even a hook holder! The scale also has a unique shape and many logo options, such as logo prints, embossing and debossing. With a two-color scheme, this also allows you to Pantone match the colors to suit your brand colors.

Due to the versatility of this product, it is also a good addition to any kitchen promos! Here another example of an award-winning compact kitchen scale!

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Water Bottle with Earbuds Holder

"<yoastmarkHere is another great example of unique promo items caused by merging two plain simple items. A water bottle and earbuds, stuff we use on the daily. Merging these two products enables greater convenience and boost your brand’s image as being innovative and futuristic! As this is still an emerging product, many may not be accustomed to such an innovative product yet. Thus, this is the time for you to really impress your customers. The high-cost nature of both the bottle and earbuds and aesthetics of the product also makes it ideal for premium giveaways.

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Vintage Jars with Straws


Need to add a rustic vintage feel to your promotional kitchen products? These vintage jars would be the perfect fit! Due to the many different sizes available, the jars will be able to cater to your promo size, big or small. These jars are also highly customizable to suit your theme. For a warmer feel, the jars can be coloured brown or yellow. However, if you are opting for a cooler look then using blue would be the play. There are many other customizable options such as debossing/embossing your logo on the lid or jar, using quirky sizes, prints, and even customising the straw! As the lid can also be sealed, the jar can both be used as a cup as well as for storage.

Jars are commonly used as GWP products, here’s how Jack Daniels did it

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Can-Shaped Bottles


Whilst on the topic of “water containers”, here’s an example of a quirky shaped bottle. For the record, this is indeed a bottle, not a can. This odd design is not only simplistic but also attracts viewers who second guess their first look, making this product appealing. As seen in the images, these bottles come in multiple sizes to suit both the standard can size of 330ml and 500ml and 750ml bottle sizes. There are multiple customisable options such as colours and prints. The straws can also be coloured to add to the overall aesthetic theme. As such this bottle would be great as a water bottle giveaway.

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Product Sourcing for Bags?

Backpack with Integrated Solar Panel


Here’s an interesting promotional product idea! This Backpack is not only a great promo product for outdoor activities such as fishing and off-grid camping but is also innovative and creative! When outdoors we always have a worry our electronic devices will run out of battery before we get home to charge it. But this is not a worry at all when you are carrying a portable charger on your back! This not only excels with its utility functions but is also an eco-friendly source of electricity!

Eco-friendly alternatives are all the craze, thus customers will definitely use and represent your brand, boosting your brand exposure. Here other examples of eco-friendly promotional bags.

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LED Back Pack

Product Sourcing


Product Sourcing

Product sourcing for custom promotional products such as this innovative outdoor bag? This bag not only features a customisable coloured LED but also looks futuristic and modern. This makes the bag useful especially to promote pedestrian safety and for cyclists at night. The customisable LED on the bag also allows you to showcase an array of colours, even your brand’s colours/designs! With customers using this on the go, not only will this attract attention but will also improve your brand exposure and awareness!

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Backpack E-Scooter

Product Sourcing

In favor of cutting down the number of cars on the road, more are looking at scooters as their sports promo. However, besides the overall aesthetic and battery life, portability also plays a big factor in the decision-making process. This e-scooter is so portable it fits into a backpack! The portability of the scooter pushes customers to use it more often. Thus with customers using it on the go, your marketing message will also travel to a wider audience.

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Electronic Music Backpack

Product Sourcing

Product sourcing for the next innovative promotional speaker? Here is an innovative branded promotional bag which is a merge of a futuristic looking backpack and speakers! With both items merged as one, you will not forget to bring either from now on! This bag not only elevates the perceived value of your brand but also helps you position the brand as innovative and creative. There are many options to customise the bag, be it a simple logo or huge extravagant logos.

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Bamboo Notebook

Are you product sourcing for an eco-friendly hardcover notebook as your next promotional giveaway product? Why not consider this Bamboo Notebook? This bamboo notebook is also highly customizable. Not only can you engrave your brand’s name and logo on it, but you can also make use of shading to design your marketing message. Ink can also be used to further add aesthetic to the notebook. As such you will also be able to incorporate your brand’s colours.

Why Bamboo? Bamboo is a more biodegradable alternative than other materials such as plastic/metals. As such your brand will also be boosted as an eco-friendly ethical brand.

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Notebook with Different Fabric Covers

Product Sourcing

Notebooks do not have to have conventional covers like leather and wood to be good. With a touch of creativity, you can step away from the norm and make your promo notebook stand out. Materials such as linen, wool, cotton, and velvet, not only transmit a different message but also help stand out from the crowd of standard black leather notebooks. The change in material can also help you portray a different message. A wool material will help produce a warmer cosier feel, while velvet will portray a more premium front.

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Product Sourcing

This notebook combines modern tech with a classic notebook.  This emergency charging notebook features many electronic innovations such as a wireless charger, a video screen, an LED logo, and USB storage space. Not only is this notebook functional, as it allows you to remain connected to your electronic devices, but is also highly customizable. There are many customizable options, such as the colour and material of the notebook. You can also brand the notebook via printing, embossing, and debossing.

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Need Custom Pens?

Mic-Shaped Pen


This Mic-Shaped Pen is not only themed like a mic but also features a custom cap in the shape of a mic. If you are product sourcing for a custom pen, this is an example of how you can customise your pen. As not only are the colours and material customisable but you are also able to customise the pen cap to suit anything you want. This can include iconic shapes and logo figurines.

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Metal Pen with Crystal

Product Sourcing

Need a premium corporate gift? This metal pen is what you are looking for! It is not only customisable but the use of metal also helps create a professional and premium feel to the pen. The use of the crystal not only adds to the aesthetic of the pen but also allows you to personalise the pen to suit your brand. This can include logo shaped or Pantone matched crystal figurines. The colour of metal can also be used to suit your message, gold can be used to accentuate warmth, while silver can be used to make the image cooler.

As the pen comes with a promotional pen holder, this can also be used as a reception or desk pen.

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Affordable Custom Pens

Product Sourcing

Need a price-competitive alternative to branded promotional pens? These pens not only help with portraying your marketing message to your customers. But also allows you to plaster your marketing message.

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Building Your Next Outdoor Items & POS Display?

Solar Umbrellas


In efforts to go green, more are turning to solar energy instead of the conventional solutions. With this solar panel integrated umbrella, customers will be able to charge their phones and stay out of the weather at the same time. This custom branded umbrella is also useful as there are many printing options to showcase and extravagantly broadcast your brand. There are also LED lights on the underside of the umbrella so it will stay lit even at night.

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Tent Advertising


Looking for outdoor advertising? These tents/custom printed umbrella are perfect for helping you show your brand’s name or logo. With many customizable options, such as size, colour, and shape, you will be able to broadcast your brand, both in outdoor events or indoor roadshows.

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LED Panel


Want an innovative outdoor POS display? This screen assembled by LED panels not only stands out from the other bland outdoor displays but are also highly customisable. As the LED advertising board is assembled by LED panels, the display’s shape can be highly customizable to suit any video you want to showcase. Also, all the panels are detachable, which makes this POS very attractive to people passing by – a massive hit in Canton Fair!

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Cork Buckets and Stools


Product sourcing for a product made from a unique material? Why not consider using cork? These custom cork products are eco-friendly and also highly customizable in terms of shape.

Here is another example of using cork as a promo gift.

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Interactive POS  Displays


Interactive point of sale display can massively lift your brand. Not only do they showcase your products and brand but can also help you create relationships with your customers. For example, when one of the products is removed from the display, the display will show a video about that exact product. Thus when planning your next promo, consider product sourcing for an interactive pos display.

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Decoration and Premiums

Ceramic Containers


Product sourcing for a unique container made from unique materials? The use of ceramic containers might do the trick. These containers not only add a touch of ruggedness to your aesthetic but are also customizable. As they are made from concrete, there are many customisable options such as size and colours. These concrete-like containers are also highly durable and might be a worthy investment for your store in comparison to typical promotional plastic containers.

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Picnic Basket


Product Sourcing for an outdoor promo product? This vintage picnic set is not only useful for helping you organise and store your items but is also aesthetically pleasing. This allows the picnic basket to act as decor to your store. With custom branding, not only will this stand out as a unique piece of decor, but can also become a staple piece in your store or retail POS displays.

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Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charger


Bluetooth speakers are now the norm. This custom mini speaker rides on that trend but incorporates wireless charging. The speakers are also foldable, meaning you can unfold them to have more sound exposure. The use of wireless charging also now means that these already portable chargers are even more portable with no need for cables. Thus, if you are product sourcing for an outdoor/sports promo, you should consider this in your next promo!

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There are many ways to market your brand, with many different products. These products not only build your brand image and exposure but they can also generate a brand-customer relationship. As such, it is important to put in effort in product sourcing to get it right.

How Can ODM Help?

Looking for POS display units, Custom Retail Packaging, or Custom Promotional Merchandise to boost sales? Fortunately, the ODM team can help you come up with inventive and unique product design and packaging. We have product designers who have vast experience in designing brand packaging designs for your business. Not sure what you’re looking for? We also provide product brainstorming sessions and quality control services. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business through the use of effective promotional products!


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