Famous sensitivity toothpaste brand, Sensodyne, is fighting to be no.1 in the competitive on-pack promotion race by offering a promotional plastic container. This complimentary gift with purchase is certainly what brands need in order to increase perceived value of product and brand awareness among the steep competition. So why not get 2 packs of toothpaste instead for a free container today!

Promotional Plastic Container as On-Pack Offer by Sensodyne - Simple Yet Effective

Promotional Plastic Container as On-Pack Offer by Sensodyne – Simple Yet Effective


Why Is This Promotional Plastic Container Effective As An On-Pack Promo?

  • Higher Utility Value -A Promotional plastic container is good for storage purposes. It is a very useful item for consumers as they can use it to keep various things including food, art supplies, stationeries etc. Moreover, plastic is cost-effective to produce yet a durable material. Hence, they can use for longer.
  • Colors – The many colors have the ability to attract consumers attention at first glance. This is important as it is the first step in capturing interest. Moreover, consumers have a wider variety of colors to choose from.

Improvements That Can Be Made By Sensodyne

Although on-pack offers are often seen in the market, custom promotional products are better at allowing finer brand retention due to the uniqueness and design that resonates with the brand identity. Customers can relate better to the brand which can improve trust toward brands.

  • Logo – There is little brand remembrance as no logo is printed on the plastic container which sets Sensodyne at a disadvantage. With a logo, consumers will be reminded of the brand better whenever it is used. Hence, printing logo on product can make it more exclusive and distinctive.
  • Creative Design – There may be different colors to add variance on the plastic containers. Still, it does not give Sensodyne a higher competitive advantage. Those containers are too plain and common that it does not intrigue users. Below is an example of how Oreo spice things up with their promotional product design that Sensodyne can learn from:


Overall, the ability to customize and come up with a creative promotional product is important to beat your rivals. At ODM, we have vast experience in this industry and believe that we have the capability to satisfy your needs. Feel free to contact us for further inquiry today!


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