Ribena is currently having a cool promotion at a supermarket in Singapore. Customers will receive an additional on-pack food container which is a Star-shaped food keeper whenever they buy a bottle of Ribena Cordial 1l. The food container is available in 3 colors which are purple, pink, and green.

On-pack food container

On-pack food container

Many brands and businesses have used on-pack promotion method to boost their sales because the free item attached to the product is effective in attracting more customers. The purpose of this is to encourage customers to buy, drive impulse purchases, promote other products, and improve brand awareness. Adding the star-shaped food container gives the customers more reason to buy the main product. It also gives customers more at the same price.

The smart choice of on-pack food container design plays a crucial role in this marketing campaign. Below are the reasons why the design of the branded food container makes this campaign successful.


Star-Shaped Food Container: The Combination of the Right Elements

On-pack food container

On-pack food container

The colors: Ribena Cordial mainly focuses on the young customer. Young people, in general, tend to love the bright colors tone of the color wheel rather than pastels or muted blends. These colors are red, yellow and blue, and secondary colors green, orange, and purple. This is the reason why the on-pack food container comes in 3 colors which are purple, pink, and green.

The materials: Young people tend to move a lot such as going picnic or traveling. The material of the on-pack food container is plastic which is very durable, light, and easy to carry around. The purpose of using plastic here is to make the food container easy to carry along without adding too much weight.

The shape of the container: The promotional food container is made with a star-shape design which is used by many brands and it is appealing to the younger market.

The user experiment: On the food container, there are horizontal lines that make grip much better, which prevents it from slipping through the user’s grip. Moreover, it has a lid that customers can use to keep the food in good condition for a longer period of time. Because the material of the box is plastic, this means you can reuse the container and eliminate the need to use disposable plates.



The on-pack promotion brings us many benefits such as encourage customers to buy, drive impulse purchases, promote other products, and improve brand awareness. Creating the design of the on-pack promotion product is the first step and also plays a crucial part in the success of the promotion.


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