Using a branded display rack allows you to promote your brand in an interesting and engaging manner. Effective design and perfect location are key factors to reach your target audience. Here is a great example from Tiger beer. We found this eye-catching POS display in a supermarket in Singapore.



Tiger developed this branded display rack to showcase their new product. Tiger crystal is a new variant of Tiger with added flavors and aromas for the ultimate refreshment. The products are well arranged for convenience. Both retailers and customers are benefited with the help of this branded display rack.

Branded Display Rack


Why do we love this Branded Display Rack?

  • Command attention

Tiger’s branded display rack emphasizes itself ahead of the other beer brands. With a redefined color scheme of blue and white, they easily catch the attention of customers at any eye level. It would be always appealing to have a branded display rack placed for promotional products.

  • Easily accessible

Branded display racks allow customers to grab the product easily. Convenience is much important for shoppers in retail stores. They are also effective to save floor space. With that said, Tiger display rack helped the brand raise awareness about the new product launch.

  • Perfect location

Tiger’s branded display rack was perfectly placed near the snacks section, thus telling customers that it is fresh beer tastes better with snacks. Such a retail POS display can also be found either along the grocery aisle which stocks the product or near the checkout counter to encourage customers to make additional purchases. These locations were perfect to drive sales.

  • Upholds Brand Image

The display represents Tiger’s brand image, thus strengthening its brand recognition. It is a great marketing strategy to stand out from competitors. In addition, the logo can be seen clearly at a great distance providing maximum visibility.


Branded Display Rack


To Conclude…

Branded display racks are a great way to boost your in-store promotions. In-store displays should be effective enough to convey your brand message and draw more customers to your store. And this simple branded display rack by Tiger did not fail to capture shopper’s attention.

Having a branded display rack in strategic locations is a cost-efficient way to set your brand apart from others.


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