Increased foot traffic is what all businesses aim for. But how do we achieve it? Advertising need not be expensive. You do not have to invest in huge billboards to command attention. You want a display that is unique, cost-efficient, and of course durable and flexible. One such clever and inexpensive marketing idea is the use of an outdoor chalkboard display.

Outdoor Chalkboard Display

Outdoor Chalkboard Display

The above photos feature Budweiser and Bud Light brand names on the frames. We love the contrast between the blackboard and the branding. The colors pop so they are really hard to ignore. These are perfect for bars and restaurants. Add some LED lights to make them even more noticeable at night!

Chalkboards are easily one of the most flexible marketing displays out there. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor promotions. The easel type display gives managers a place to promote their company in a creative way.

Blackboard tents are usually used as menu boards and are positioned along the sidewalk to pull in customers. As the board can be placed in areas with high foot traffic, it effectively attracts people to come and visit their store.


Outdoor Blackboard Display Designs

We love the combination of materials here. The brand name is laser cut. Its silhouette created a nice contrast against the light-colored wood. The base is also made from acrylic, to give it a touch of modern look.

Outdoor Chalkboard Display

Outdoor Chalkboard Display


This is another display made with Heineken as the main design. Here, the brand name is printed on the side. There is also a small branding on the lower part of the blackboard itself.

Outdoor Chalkboard Display

Outdoor Chalkboard Display


This easel-type blackboard adds an artistic touch to your venue. There is a small brand name printed on the top-most part. Furthermore, the hinges on the side ensure stability to the signage.Outdoor Chalkboard Display

Outdoor Chalkboard Display

Here is another blackboard made for Corona beer. Wood is used to frame the board. we also noticed that the brand name is etched onto the material. This is a 2-in-1 blackboard so this is perfect for when you want customers coming from opposite directions to see your menu.

Outdoor Chalkboard Display

Outdoor Chalkboard Display


This one is pretty basic and simple, but because it has more space to write on, it allows you to make bigger writings. The simple mahogany-colored frame looks sleek and high-end. This would be perfect as an in-store display and trade show POP display.

Outdoor Chalkboard Display

Outdoor Chalkboard Display



What We Like About the Outdoor Chalkboard Display

Sturdy Design

The chalkboards are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The frames are coated with wood finish to give it a rustic look and protect the wood from fading due to constant exposure to sun and rain.


There are two sides to play with. You can use both sides to showcase your menu or promote discounts. As such, customers coming from either side can easily see the menu or whatever the company is currently promoting.


Made from light wood material with simple customizations, this outdoor POS display is lightweight, portable, and cost-effective. As such, it makes a smart advertising choice for small and medium businesses. Store managers will not have to replace the whole unit each time they need to change their menu. They will only need to erase it and make new eye-catching designs to keep designs fresh, interesting, and engaging!

Gives Managers Freedom to Personalize the Display

Chalkboard tents are a perfect strategy for outdoor advertising. They are durable and can be personalized to make the menu pop. Merchandisers can easily change the designs depending on their needs.

Convenient to Use

Lightweight and simple to use, restaurant managers can bring them inside when the weather is bad. As a POS display, it is ideal for promotional messages, sales, and discounts outside your shops, pubs, and coffee shops.

Effective Outdoor Branding: Simple, yet impactful, that you can make your message stand out with these custom POS display for outdoor branding.


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