Recently, several businesses had been allowed to resume operations. However, several shops, restaurants as well as industries had to re-organize their management to comply with new safety regulations. Employers are now investing in high-quality protective products to take care of their employees. Branded protective goggles are in high demand nowadays as they are used mainly by medical workers.

Branded protective goggles

Branded protective goggles


Which type of business need branded protective goggles?

For several industries, it’s essential for employees to wear protective goggles and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as surgical gloves, face masks, hand sanitizers, face shields, masks, and gown to avoid contracting the new coronavirus.

Indeed, the virus drifts through the air in microscopic droplets and people can catch it through the mouth, eyes, or nose. Thus, it’s important for industries in which physical distancing is not always possible. For example healthcare facilities, clinics, shops, bars, restaurants as well as retail stores should encourage their staff to use protective goggles.


Why should I invest on branded protective goggles for my business?

Safety – The safety of employees and customers is crucial during this period. These protective goggles are meant to add an additional layer of protection from respiratory droplets. As many as 40,000 droplets are expelled from a sneeze while as many as 30,000 are produced by a single cough. And especially during this world pandemic period, it’s important to create some physical barriers to avoid the spread of the virus. That’s the reason why investing in branded protective goggles is essential for safety.

Improve Wellness of Employees at Work – Quite all employees feel stressed about this virus. This is absolutely normal because they don’t want to get sick and contaminate their whole family. Showing them that you are investing in high-quality protective products to strengthen safety in the workplace will make them feel secure and happy. They will be less stressed and anxious and it will impressively increase their efficiency at work because it shifts people’s attention from the virus to the tasks at hand.

Put your logo on – These protective goggles are also a great item to put your logo on. You can also use them as a part of your company’s custom pandemic kit! Consumers will be interested in having protective goggles at home. Moreover, if they wear it, it will surely increase your brand visibility!


Branded protective goggles: How can ODM help you to promote safety at workplace?

Although many of our projects revolve around designing and manufacturing custom promotional merchandise and promotional giveaways for business, we also provide Personal Protective Equipment. So, if you need help with sourcing branded protective goggles, then do not hesitate to get in touch with ODM.

We also design, source, and manufacture with other anti-COVID 19 equipment such as antibacterial wipes dispenser, custom sanitizer dispenser stand, and promotional hand sanitizers. If you are in the Food and Beverage industry, consider installing a branded restaurant divider. Read our blog about our restaurant table divider from our archive.

Aside from marketing products for the healthcare sector, we can also help with manufacturing basic and bespoke product packaging, product designing, and factory audits in China.

The product code for this branded infrared thermometer is ODM-2874.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 155 x 60cm
  • Certifications: CE

ODM is committed to working with partners as a Transparent Buying Office. We work open book with clients, factories and suppliers. It is critical to get supplies moving fast and to have fair market pricing during the current Pandemic. Check out other #Covid19 and #coronavirusrelated posts


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