Promotional products for the kitchen

Britannia, a supplier of premium kitchen appliances in the UK, is currently conducting this gift with purchase promotion.

See their website for details. 

Customers can choose from a range of 3 gifts when buying their range cooker.


  • £125 of Marks & Spencer vouchers
  • Cooker hood of your choice
  • A telescopic runner for ovens.

The item that interests us in particular would be the telescopic runner for ovens for its novelty factor. It allows customers to withdraw their oven trays, allowing for easy and safe serving of food form the oven. This give customers utility, making it an item that they will highly consider amongst the 3 options.

This promotion is an amalgamation of previous successful campaigns to give customers to customize their rewards to one that best suits them. It can also attract customers who missed the promotion previously, encouraging them to participate now with another window on opportunity. Thus, this helps Britannia’s marketing campaign greatly.

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