Contact lens solution are quite a homogeneous product; unless you have very sensitive eyes and require certain specific solution, most people often use the ones they were introduced to first. This means that the first impression is very important, and providing gifts with purchase can create much needed appeal in this case.

Whilst the idea of having a GWP is great, we feel that there should be some basis in its purpose for providing them. Some brands are able to pull this off, but others just blindly ride on trends which has no relation to contact lens or optics in general.

Bull’s Eye!

Oxy Sept is one brand constantly coming up with relevant promotional products which are functional and practical. Offering utility on the go is one good idea which these contact lens solution brands could focus on:


  • OxySept’s multi-functional bag which can be used to carry health and wellness care products (yes, including the solution) on the move.
  • OxySept’s Microfibre cloth for spectacles which is an ingenious idea; often the cloth provided by your local optics may not be good enough to remove stains or dust on your glasses.
  • Tweezers by Opti-Free Alcon, providing users with ease when fishing out for their contact lenses from the solution. The simplistic packaging allows recipients to bring both the case and tweezers out with them conveniently.
  • See Revita’s beauty case on pack promotion
Room for Improvements…

These brands seem to be getting their target market wrong despite a clever use of licensed promotional products. The age group whom purchase contact lens solution ranges from teenagers to working adults.

These kiddish looking bottles and towel are thus not suited for its purpose unless recipients have kids they can pass on to. See regifting

The provision of an outdated iPhone case by AO Sept seen here is not very relevant as well with the iPhone 4 released for quite some time now – most brands will feature the newest models these days.

The contact lens solution industry is becoming increasingly competitive with each brand trying to outdo each other with its promotional products. Offering the right promotional products is crucial as it enables your brand to gain shelf space and optimize visibility.

An unconventional way of presentation like what Complete has done is a great example of brand differentiation.