Dairy maniacs is currently offering the promotional products to customers in the UK. It uses the license of the currently screening Kung Fu Panda 2.  Simply buy 3 packets of it Cheddar Stix to be able to redeem a Kung Fu Panda lunch box.

Some web shots below to see how it is advertised….

Promotional lunchbox with Kung Fu panda license

The delivery mechanism for this promotion is through a redemption campaign. Redemptions allow brands to give away higher value gifts since there is a lower take up than simple on-pack promos.

If you are considering redemption campaigns consider Fixed Fee Promo Insurance or limit the number of gifts per below..

The codes are found on the pack itself. Collect 3 to redeem the lunchbox

With only 2500 pieces available it generates exclusivity and increases perceived value. This encourages consumers to purchase the product to participate.

Using an online draw like this gets customers to sign up, maybe like your Facebook page, and learn more about your company online.

Limited quantities raises perceived value

By using the license, fans of the movie would also be encouraged to purchase the Cheddar Stix to get their hands on the lunchboxes. This shows the effectiveness that using licenses can help in thems of sales generation.

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