Cereal maker Kellogg’s is offering the following promotion for its online redemption campaign; buy any promotional pack of Kellogs cereal and redeem a free kids bowl.

With up to 4 designs, consumers are can choose the design they like

Each bowl comes in a variety of different colors featuring a signature mascot of Kellogg’s cereal. With up to 4 different designs to choose from, these bowls encourage kids to take Kellog’s cereal to get off to a healthy and colourful start start to their day.

These designs also help in marketing and brand recognition of Kellogg’s cereal in the long run as users of this bowl will be reminded of the Kellogg’s cereal range due to the colorful mascots that adorn the bowl.

This picture shows how the redemption campaign works

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This use of Redemption Centers for Promo Campaigns means that far fewer promos will be redeemed than if there was a simple Gift with Purchase.  This means brands and marketing managers can spend more on each bowl that is given away, reaching fewer people but with a higher end gift.