On-pack promotions always help boost sales and maximise profits. Furthermore, including freebies will be a plus because something about free things always gets customers excited and they are more willing to make the effort and purchase from you. We are confident that this marketing scheme will benefit you and raise brand awareness. In this blog, we’ll be talking about one of Kellogg’s successful on-pack promotions.

Kellogg’s is giving away a free plastic bowl with every 2 cereal boxes purchased in Hong Kong. We like this promotion because the bowl comes in an attractive bundled on-pack thus encouraging customers to purchase 2 boxes at once.

On Pack Promotional Products – Kellogg’s

Kelloggs plastic bowl

This plastic bowl is not only perfect for breakfast but for daily use as well. Kellogg’s Mascot is printed onto this promo item, leading to high brand recall upon usage. Often an effective marketing tool as it is related to the actual purchase, inducing purchase and hence making the promotion a success.

This on-pack promotion is able to attract consumers’ attention and entice them to purchase from you. Therefore, this promotion is successful in doing its job by raising brand visibility and boosting sales.


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