Gift promoting Movies in Cereal boxes

Children love animated movies and cereal companies are only too happy to arrange cross promotions with the big and upcoming films.  Here we see a custom themed whistle as an on-pack promo.

The picture on the right shows a perfect example of how Nestle uses the rights to new movie “Rio” to give a free gift with purchase on their cereal.

Children will love this promo when they see the picture of the blue bird from the animated movie. This kind of promotion can make children beg their parents to buy a different brand of cereal simply to have the free gift that comes with the cereal.

Cereal companies use free on pack gifts very successfully as promotional tool.   It could be a CD game, figurine, simple games or a small gadget like those pictured above. Movie companies are equally keen to get this co-branding/licensing promo out – gift attracts children who went to see the animated movie and loved it.

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A whole host of big companies run promotions with free on pack gifts oriented to children. Which is your favourite promotion and which market segment does it best?

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