Free coffee cups from McDonalds

McDonalds in France is running a new promotional campaign to increase the brand awareness of McCafe & McDonalds Coffee. McCafe is currently in a battle with Starbucks over being the dominant coffee destination for a quick coffee on the go. Just this past week the business district of La Defense in Paris was host to their latest Promotional Product Giveaway – 20,000 promo cups for coffee consumers.

The campaign’s main objective is to start making consumers think of McDonalds as a place where one can go to purchase a cup of coffee or pastries.  Since Starbucks arrived in France there has been a coffee battle between the American Giant, McDonalds and the more traditional Parisian cafe’s. In France people drink a lot of coffee.

McDonalds is using this free gift so that consumers can use the cup at home and think of where they got it from. For a limited time any person who orders a menu set and a coffee will receive a free cup to bring home.   The cup is not overtly branded with a McDonalds logo but people will remember the gesture of the free gift when using the product at home.

McDonalds Promotion in France- Buy a meal +Coffee and get a free coffee cup

McDonalds is investing a lot of money in France to change the perception of the fast food restaurant. In 2010 the franchise changed the red background of the golden arch to green to ride the wave of bio and more eco-friendly company vision. This has been a hit across France and now Europe.

McCafe franchises are often located inside McDonald restaurants but they only target coffee and desserts. Using a free gift of a coffee cup is a great promotional campaign. On the other side of the world McDonalds is running another promotional campaign in Hong Kong (see blog link) at the same time.

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