Since 16th May 2012, Mcdonald’s in France has been offering a really cool promotional gift. These coffee cups are specially designed by Patrick Norguet, a well-known furniture designer. Want to get one of these stylish cups? Simply order a meal and a cup of coffee!

Patrick Norguet’s coffee cups - Macdonalds France

ODM feels that this promotional product can be really interesting for several reasons…

First of all, it comes with 6 colours which would probably entice the customers into ordering more meals so as to collect all of it!

Patrick Norguet’s coffee cups - Macdonalds France

Secondly, the cup is branded with “McCafe” and would serve as a free advertisement whenever consumers uses the product. At the same time, it enhances brand recall…

Last but not least, if you didn’t already notice, this McCafe cup highlights a special feature – While it can withstand strong heat, the rubberized material acts as an insulator as well! Hence, it is definitely a great addition to your kitchenware! Also, such an incentive product can be kept for a long period of time, ensuring long-term visibility.


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