Following our post on Kellogg’s UEFA Cup 2012 ‘oofball’ promotion, the famous cereal brand is yet again offering another gift to hype up the Soccer season! This time round, they are offering a UEFA Cup 2012 sports band branded with a participating country’s flag.

UEFA EURO 2012 – Kellogg’s sports band

These bands are randomly packed into each cereal bar box and this would definitely entice consumers who are also soccer fans to collect them all. Furthermore, it would encourage repeat purchases of their product in bid to collect the bands.

This incentive product is made up of rubber and is expandable so they can easily fit on wrists of different sizes. Branding is also important when offering a promotional gift as it encourages brand recall. The various types of branding that can be used on these types of products are acid etching, heat transfer and silk screen printing.

These bands are excellent form of marketing campaign when showing support for your favourite team during the UEFA Cup. So, have you gotten yours yet?

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