The European soccer cup will start in less than 3 weeks and it means that supporters are able to gear up with UEFA merchandise of their favourite teams!

Promotional Oof Balls UEFA by Kellogg's

This year, Kellogg’s is continuing its tradition by offering their famous “oofballs” in each cereal pack. An oofball is a small ball made of fabric that contains a few tiny plastic balls and is a popular item in France. Each box comes with a different ball printed with a participating country’s flag.

Branding is very important when offering promotional products as they would usually reflect the message of the company and in this instance, Kellogg’s wants you to support your favourite team with an exclusive product through purchasing their cereals! For fans of the brand and soccer, it is the perfect gift for the season and this would definitely drive sales for Kellogg’s!

So, are you ready for some UEFA oofball action?

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