McDonalds Hong Kong are running a new Purchase with Purchase promo at the moment.   Buy meals at the store and add HK$10 (around US$ 1.30) for a gift.  Some interesting points to take away from this promotion….

We Like this Promo Gift because….

  • Promo Items instantly identifiable with brand.
  • Unique designs so custom promo for client
  • Out of Stock sticker – creates immediacy.    Urgency and impulse to buy now.
  • PWP mechanism means no real cost for the company doing the promotion.
  • Advertising the promotion at cashier is effective.

We Dislike this Promotional Product Campaign because….

  • Limited reach – most people will not want to advertise McDonalds so overtly.
  • This promo gift is about free advertising for brand, not value to customer.
  • Low novelty factor.
What do you think ?

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