This summer McDonalds and Sanrio launched their promotional collaboration in Hong Kong. Fans of Gudetama can get one of three available custom ceramic bowl designs just by adding HK$39 to any food purchase.

Custom Ceramic Bowl - McDonalds x Sanrio PromoCustom Ceramic Bowl - McDonalds x Sanrio Promo

Custom Ceramic Bowl – McDonalds x Sanrio Promo

There are different ways to get this promotional item. First you can buy it in McDonalds restaurants: Ocean Park, Sha Tin Racecourse, Happy Valley Raceourse and McCafé. Second it is possible to get this purchase with purchase item at 24 Hours McDelivery Phone Ordering, Web Ordering and Mobile App Ordering.

Why is this custom ceramic bowl a good item for McDonalds and Sanrio’s promotion?

  • Practicality. During this promotional campaign McDonalds offers a great promo item which relates to their production. In this case happy owners of new custom ceramic bowls can use it immediately at McDonalds restaurant.
  • Increase your sale. Opportunity to use this promotional product as intended can boost McDonalds sales and bring a huge profit, as customers will advertise these ceramic bowls just by using them in the restaurant.  It is also impossible to buy this ceramic bowl elsewhere, so if wanting to own one for yourself, Sanrio fans especially will need to purchase your product to get it.
  • Attract new clients. Gudetama is the yolk, which was pulled from the egg and therefore is constantly sad and demotivated. This new Sanrio character gained popularity so fast that now has a lot of fans all around the world. Therefore fans and even people unknown to this character will be glad to make this purchase for purchase promo to get collect their favorable character.
  • Finer brand remembrance. We need to use kitchen wares every day and in this case this bright promotional item will be demand by customer and used every day. This will provide McDonalds and Sanrio brands free advertising for years, because customers will not to stop using these bowls. Therefore this can uphold your brand reputation.

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