Ever since the release of the iPhone, the promotional market has seen strong growth in accessories which best complement smart phones.   Here is an example of a charger that can fit iPhone/iPod/iPad at Hong Kongs 7-Eleven stores..

Here we see the rising trend of these portable chargers,  spearheaded by 7-Eleven HK with its PWP mechanisms below:

iPhone case with Integrated Battery

Power Stick for iPhone at 7-11

Shop at 7 Eleven and get to buy these chargers at a discounted price!

Problem: iPhone users have been complaining about the short battery lifespan of iPhone even after the release of the newly extended one seen in iPhone 4. While our phones get smarter, their battery life is being drained – the applications that we use on the go consume a great deal of power.

Solution: Portable iPhone chargers, extending the use (battery life) of your iPhone on the go when people are most susceptible to their phones running out of juice.

Cases with integrated battery demonstrate convenience at its best with its dual functionality of a protective case and a charger. By far the coolest iPhone case we saw at the trade shows we visited would be this – the Solar iPhone Battery Case.

Charge your phone anywhere under the Sun!

This iPhone case that has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery at the base with a small solar panel embedded on it to extend the battery life of your iPhone 4 while on the move. Placing the case in the sun for 20 minutes gives about 50 minutes on standby or 5 minutes of talk time. Incredibly eco-friendly

The use of Power Sticks

Portable iPhone chargers make a very nice travel promo gift since it is offers immense utility when your recipients are packing light. Easily customizable with your brand imprint, your customers will truly appreciate much needed back up power during times where they have no way to recharge their drained out batteries.

Coming in handy during emergency situations like these, help your wired clients combat phone fatigue with the different chargers and battery extenders shown here!

Effectively doubling the life of an iPhone battery with optimized power management that provides a continuous charge to the phone, what your brand can offer to help will be deeply etched in the minds of consumers reciprocating with loyalty to your brand.

Portable Battery for iPhone

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