Smart/Green Chargers for your Promos.

We use chargers everyday to charge our phones, computers and other devices. The problem with conventional chargers is that they keep transferring energy to the device even once the battery is full. In the long run this eventually deteriorates the life span of the battery. This is why these new smart green chargers caught our attention!

Smart and Eco Friendly Chargers

These new green and smart chargers automatically stop charging devices once the battery is at full capacity. In order to start charging devices the consumer simply needs to press the top circular surface of the charger and energy will automatically start flowing to your device. The chargers are ecological compared to conventional ones as they consume no energy when in standby thus reducing the consumers energy bill!

These are great chargers for smart phones, electronic tablets and other devices that are mobile and use a USB cord to charge up. As you can see from the picture above the chargers come in different colors. The picture below also shows us that these chargers are able to be made for different countries that have different AC current and plug shapes.

Smart Chargers for Different Countries

These products are very useful for everyday use and are a great idea for promotional campaigns. They can be bundles as a gift with the purchase of an electronic tablet or a Smart phone. Assist your clients in developing a small yet positive footprint on the planet by helping them reduce there energy consumption. Charging devices should not waste energy nor money especially in a world where energy is more expensive year after year.

Contact ODMasia for help manufacturing and customizing these smart and green chargers. Also visit our website for more ideas of green products.

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