Despite endless commercials of how drink driving could cause a whole life of guilt and remorse, the promotional efforts do not seem to be working.   Many still forget in the heat of the moment.

For liqueur/spirits/wine brands out there, how about making your marketing meaningful by throwing in a portable digital alcohol breath tester as a gift with purchase?

How You Use It

This alcohol breath tester works in the following manner:

  • Green Light (Safety): under 0.02% BAC (0.10 mg/l BRAC)
  • Yellow Light (Caution): 0.02%~0.049% BAC (0.10~0.25 mg/l BRAC)
  • Red Light (Danger): over 0.05% BAC (0.25 mg/l BRAC)

Digital Alcohol Breath Tester

Just by exhaling to the mouthpiece, this device could show your customers their blood alcohol content (BAC) immediately.
By going the extra mile for your customer, your brand is viewed in a different light from the others; a brand who cares about its customers. Your brand could even save people’s lives with this gift, as drink driving has been known to take many lives. Doing so could allow your brand to anchor a deep impression in them, increasing customer loyalty

Extremely portable and convenient (coming along with a key chain), recipients could carry the tester around whenever they are driving to drink.
With your brand logo embossed on the digital tester itself, your brand will constantly be reinforced in recipients’ minds. It may even be the deciding factor for them to get your wine/alcohol whenever they are spoilt for choice on what to drink. Customize this product to adopt your company’s signature colours to allow it to stand out even further!

Without Mouth Piece for more convenience

Advertising your brand is easy but no longer sufficient. To capture the hearts of the consumers is to provide meaningful marketing (through giving away functional promotional products) of real value to them. Every little detail matters, especially when it comes to brands caring for customers’ safety and well-being. Who knows, this alcohol breath tester could even trigger impulse purchases since gadgets like this are uncommon?