Electronic devices that have a rechargeable battery inside the device will face increased price pressures in the medium & long term. This is due to fact that most of the batteries used in electronic devices are made using lithium.

Lithium is a semi rare earth metal – it is the lightest metal in the world. The production of this metal is still quite scarce and the supply capacity does not meet the world demand. This will affect a price increase in the short term until suppliers around the world kick start new lithium brine mines in order to meet the ever growing world demand for lithium. In the coming decade the world demand for lithium will grow ten fold in correlation with the rapid growing market for electric vehicles.

Lithium batteries are referred to as Li, or lithium ion or Li-Ion batteries in the industry. These batteries are found in thousands of electronic devices, from cell phones, computer laptops, Electronic book readers, mp3 players, all types of cameras and many more. Due to the characteristics of lithium of being the lightest metal in the world, the battery was allowed to diminish size and store more energy. Thus lithium is one of the major reasons why so many electronic devices became thinner and smaller. As of today lithium batteries are the best materials to be used for energy storage.

Prices for devices made with lithium batteries could be subject to a significant price increase until the supply of the metal expands to levels closer to world demand. Until the increase in production happens prices for devices with lithium batteries will face somewhat of a price increase.

This blog is here to give you a little bit of background information on lithium and how it will affect consumer goods in the coming decade.

The list below are promotional products that are operated using Lithium batteries:

  • Portable Radios.
  • mp3 Devices.
  • LED flashlights with rechargeable battery.
  • Miniature / portable solar chargers.
  • Solar calculators.
  • Cell phones.
More and more devices are being manufactured with Lithium batteries because these batteries can be very small and light while storing more energy then other types of batteries.