Koi Pond Fever, a US Aquarium retailer, are currently offering incentive gifts for clients who spend more than $350 or more of pond supplies from their website.  The gifts include high quality branded merchandise – a choice of 2 designs of T-shirt or a Baseball hat.

This allows the company to further advertise and promote their brand, potentially increasing market share and rewarding their customers loyalty.

KaiPondFever incentive gift

Customer loyalty is what all companies are looking to build on their promotional & marketing campaigns. Rewarding customers and promoting new business is by offering luxurious gifts with purchase is a good option.

This is a great promotion as it’s well known for people to suffer sunburn/heat stroke when attending to the garden in the summer months. The hat not only keeps the hot sun off clients heads, but provides a great looking accessory.

It’s common for companies to reward their customers with items of clothing or accessories as they are worn by the customer in public, this shows others the companies gratitude toward the purchase and promotes their brand image.

Koi are a very important fish for Chinese Culture – giving 8 of these as a gift would be an excellent high end corporate gift !!   See blog Chinese & Promotional Products.

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