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Console games merchandise is key to marketing and Rockstar Games uses a lot of promotional merchandise to boost sales and advertise their games. Some games almost have a cult following with a strong brand image and characters.

We have written about the usage of offline promos for online games in the past – this sector is using an increasing number of physical props to enhance gaming experiences so please stay tuned for more. Video gaming can be compared to the movie business, which already uses a wide range of promos like these postcards from Sucker Punch.

Playing on the Western theme, Rockstar has developed a whole host of unique promos to whet the appetite of collectors and fans.  Red Dead Redemption merchandise examples below…

Dynamite promos

Dynamite candlesticks are our favorite, a unique and eye-catching promotion that would be very appealing to anyone who plays the game.

This promotion also hints at the violent aspect of the game, but in a fun way.  This is a trademark of Rockstar in the gaming industry.

Guaranteed to get guests talking at a dinner party or for creating a fun atmosphere for get-togethers of fans offline…

How about this limited edition Red Dead Redemption Flannel Shirt produced by Barking Irons, which is a great way for a fan of the game to own their own piece of branded merchandise.

Red Dead Redemption Flannel Shirt

This high quality and stylish garment is ideal for winter shopping or a night out on the town due to its insulating, soft and durable fabric designed to keep you warm and looking great, as well as looking like a Red Dead Redemption cowboy.

The shirt comes in sizes M- 2XL and with the option to customize buttons and labels.

Ideal for the fan who enjoyed the same customization process of in-game character they may have used in Red Dead Redemption. Customisation makes the item personal, this not only enhances the purchasing process but makes the item more appealing, available for $55 directly from the Rockstar Warehouse.

Poker set promos

Poker Sets Red Dead Redemption has many in-game mini-games such as Poker. You can wager money and make bets over dice rolls and other players. Win the game and line your characters coin purse. Lose and pull our your pistols, take back your money and then prepare to flee from the incoming police.

These high-quality Red Dead Redemption edition playing cards would really appeal to someone who enjoyed using them within the game. They add an extra element that extends the players in-game habits into real life.

Red Dead Redemption is around 1911 inthe wild west, on the trailing edge of the industrial revolution. The promotional cards have an aged look, so that even though they are brand new, they look like they could have come from that time period. The promotion pack also comes with two black and red dice in a small leather holder, which can easily be attached to a keyring. Perfect for a game on the move for only $10 from the Rockstar Warehouse.

Red Dead Redemption Branded Logo Shirt

This limited edition Rockstar Branded logo tee would be an ideal gift for someone who enjoys playing Red Dead Redemption and is in need of a new shirt.

Simple yet rather eye-catching, featuring the well known Red Dead Redemption text logo.

These exquisite 100% tees come in sizes S – 2XL and female sizes S & L. Only $20 at the Rockstar Warehouse.

Tie up the online with the offline experience to create that unique experience for your customers.

Red Dead Redemption – In-game poker match

In this screenshot, you can see the different in-game characters having a live game of poker. This can be done on and offline. Wagers are made, bets are lost and blood is spilled.

Having a mini-game element adds another dimension to the game.

Poker matches within the game are fierce, tactical and offer great rewards and benefits.

For more information about other Rockstar products/games and related blogs browse the following links.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you launch a new video game?

way to please your fans would be through collector edition packages. Indeed, there are a lot players who want to differentiate themselves from the mass, by possessing something their neighbor would not : hence the limited edition.

What should Video Game Studios invest in promotional products?

The gaming industry is a saturated market with different studios competing with each other. Promotional products like posters and figurines help develop a cult following to your games.

What are some great gaming merchandise?

Tshirts, posters, figurines, bags, headphones, mouse, and phone accessories make a great gaming merchandise.

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