The recent COVID 19 situation may have negatively affected many businesses, but it definitely will not stop event organizers from providing a platform for industry players to showcase their products. If you are an event organizer and are looking for creative and timely event giveaways, then you are on the right page! We have listed our favorite trade show promotional gifts you can use for your next event.


Top 15 Trade Show Promotional Gifts for Event Organizers

1.Touch Tool

This custom brass door opener keychain is of the best event giveaways you can offer attendees. This is made from brass metal so it is easy to clean and sanitize after every use. Simple, yet extremely useful, this product is relevant today now more than ever. It got a keyring, a hook on the end part, and a stylus-like end for punching ATM keypads and elevator buttons. Product code: ODM-2944.

Trade Show Promotional Gifts - Touch Tool

Trade Show Promotional Gifts – Touch Tool


2. Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen

Pens are a staple during trade shows. Useful and very easy to custom-design, spray pens are a great way to advertise your company. Here, you can see that the spray pen has ample space for branding. If you are interested to know more about spray pens, contact us with product code ODM-612.


Trade Show Promotional Gifts- Spray Pen

Trade Show Promotional Gifts- Spray Pen


3. Journals

Journals and notebooks are another staple trade fair souvenir. We often receive pocket notebooks, journals, and planners whenever we attend expos. And we keep and use them at work- very useful for planning and concept creation. If you are a trade show organizer, notebooks are a simple way of getting your brand into the hands of your market. Here are some great journal ideas for your next campaign!

4. Face Masks

Upon entering the venue, make sure to give your customers some kind of protection with medical-grade face masks or a fabric one with filter. While medical-grade ones offer optimal protection, fabric ones can offer more branding opportunities. Colors, logo, and brand name, can be added to make your brand pop.

Trade Show Promotional Gifts- Custom Face Masks

Trade Show Promotional Gifts- Custom Face Masks

If you want to learn more about customizing such products, contact our team with product code ODM-2935.


5. Tool Kits

We rarely see companies giving away promotional tool kits during trade shows as they often give away pens, T-shirts, and bags. But tool kits are a great way to stand out from the rest. The novelty of the giveaway item allows your brand to stick. One of our favorite tool kits would be this collection of pocket-sized army tools in various colored packaging. It is small enough to fit in your pocket or emergency bag. Another favorite of ours is this collection of building tools in bespoke shape containers.

Trade Show Promotional Gifts- Multi-Tool Army Card

Trade Show Promotional Gifts- Multi-Tool Army Card


6. Tote Bags

Tote bags, especially the ones that are made from sustainable materials rank high on the list of most effective trade show promotional products. They can be used to carry other products as the visitor walks around the venue. What is great about tote bags is that they can be made in a wide variety of styles depending on your target market and purpose. For instance, trade show managers may opt for stylish tote bags made in canvas with hip prints for the younger market. Large square bags with lining and pockets for shopping and hauling stuff, a utilitarian design ideal for all-around use.

Trade Show Promotional Gifts-Shopping Tote Bag

Trade Show Promotional Gifts-Shopping Tote Bag

This one is a promotional shopping bag that comes with a silicone pouch. Wound the top part of the silicone pocket when not in use. Interested in this product? Contact our team with product code ODM-2493.


7. Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile phone accessories, such as phone holders, are one the most sought after gifts during trade fairs. They provide great branding opportunity for businesses and additional functionality for phone users. As people are always on their phones, promotional cellphone accessories offer a great opportunity to create a lasting impression on your prospective clients. If you like this idea, send us an inquiry and reference product code ODM-1912.

Trade Show Promotional Gifts- Phone Holder

Trade Show Promotional Gifts- Phone Holder


8. Custom Ear Saver

If you like something unique and useful at the same time, then an ear saver would be ideal! This and a custom reusable face mask would be a great COVID 19 protection while at the trade show venue. Like this idea? Contact us and reference product code ODM-3009.

Trade Show Promotional Gifts- Ear Saver

Trade Show Promotional Gifts- Ear Saver


9. Eco-Friendly Pens

Pens are a staple in every event. However, you can spice up your promotions by using eco-friendly pens instead of the plastic ones. Environmentally-friendly pens can be made from recycled paper, bamboo, or wheat. here are some of our favorites:


10. Cocktail Kit

Ideal for drinks expos like Imbibe. Sampling and giving away simple kits containing custom jiggers and shot glasses would perfectly wrap up the event.



Why Event Organizers Should Offer Trade Show Promotional Gifts?

Nothing shows your heartfelt thanks better than trade show promotional gifts. By incentivizing visitors, you are able to create stronger relationships with your prospective clients and business partners.

The gifts also serve as your unique business card. So every time they are being used, they create a sense of familiarity and eventually trust.


So, are you ready for your next trade show? Then, be sure to speak with us! We can help you from brainstorming promotional products all the way through sourcing and merchandising. Do you like the above-mentioned products? Then you will surely love the following trade show marketing ideas.


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