With the current coronavirus situation, the demand for face masks has increased. And with so many people needing some kind of protection against viruses and bacteria, medical-grade face masks are becoming scarce. There has been a surge of interest in our custom fabric face masks this past few weeks. We are happy to share with you our custom reusable face mask, which is made from cotton and with the additional protection of carbon-activated filter.

Custom Reusable Face Mask

Custom Reusable Face Mask

As the name implies, it is washable and reusable. Therefore, using them allows customers to save more as they need not need to buy new ones every time. In addition, it also limits the need to go outside the house just to get new disposable face masks.

Custom Reusable Face Mask

Custom Reusable Face Mask

Since there is a massive need for face masks, business owners can use this chance to get their message out there. They can either be offered as custom retail merchandise or part of a customer giveaway or redemption gift promotion. Here’s why you should offer these custom face masks now!


About the Product:

Size: 14.5 x 23cm

Material: Cotton+activated carbon Filter

Printing: CMYK, 1 side, heat transfer


Why Custom Reusable Face Mask?

  • Add a Layer Of Protection:

    Many countries have imposed mandatory quarantine to effectively contain the coronavirus. However, people still need to go out once in a while to buy important supplies. Wearing a face mask will add an extra layer of protection whenever you leave your house.


  • Relevance: 

    Since the pandemic, face masks have been in demand. Offering something that customers can use to protect themselves during these stressful times will ease their anxiety. As they use your custom reusable face mask, they are also being reminded that they can rely on your company no matter what.

Custom Reusable Face Masks

Custom Reusable Face Masks

  • Protection:

    Right now, many hospitals around the globe are in dire need of medical-grade face masks. So, to prevent scarcity, ordinary citizens are advised to wear custom reusable face masks. This ensures that our medical front liners will never run out of supply of medical-grade face masks. This way, we protect ourselves without depriving our health workers access to essential personal protective equipment (PPE).


  • Custom Design:

    These face masks are not only reusable, but they are can also be custom-designed to suit your marketing needs. You can have your own design printed through heat transfer. Although many companies are temporarily closed right now, it does not mean you need to pause your promotion as well. Amid this coronavirus scare, you can still make an impact by printing your logo or brand name on the masks.

Custom Reusable Face Masks

Custom Reusable Face Masks

  • Make Positive Impact:

    As these face masks are reusable, it is more eco-friendly than disposable ones. Furthermore, brands that are being advertised on wearable items become


  • Certifications:

    These face masks are CE and FDA approved.

Custom Reusable Face Masks

Custom Reusable Face Masks

To see more masks designs and learn about how they are manufactured, check out this blog below:

Our Takeaways…

Custom reusable face masks are important now more than ever. The promise of protection and safety is what makes face masks really valuable.

Fortunately, here, at ODM, our product designers and merchandisers are here to help you design, source, and manufacture custom promotional merchandise. We can also help you with sourcing healthcare products such as custom hand sanitizers, bottle glorifier designs for hand sanitizers, branded paper soap, as well as hand sanitizer packaging. Take a look at our magazine to learn more about our services and previous projects.

If you are interested in custom reusable face masks, then do not hesitate to send us an inquiry for product code: ODM-2935.


ODM is committed to working with partners as a Transparent Buying Office. We work open book with clients, factories and suppliers. It is critical to get supplies moving fast and to have fair market pricing during the current Pandemic. Check out other #Covid19 and #Coronavirus related posts.


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