The World Health Organization recently declared the coronavirus a pandemic. As the virus spreads, voluntary or involuntary home quarantines are becoming common. People all over the world are already living in semi-voluntary homestay. If you are under home quarantine for 2 weeks there are certain products you would want to stock up on. Not hoard though. Taken from the quarantine packs hospitals and quarantine facilities use, here’s everything you should have in your home quarantine pack during the crazy times the world is going through.

It is interesting to note that hotels in China that are serving as quarantine facilities provide a quarantine pack for their guests. Of course, this is for hygiene purposes and for easy swift disposals. Here are the items.


What do you find in these Quarantine Packs?

Quarantine Pack

Quarantine Pack – How are hotels serving quarantine serving guests?


  1. Towel

Something you find in every hotel room. Because this virus is transmitted through water droplets it is crucial to ensure that that is no sharing of towels in quarantine or at home. Hygiene first!

  1. Wet wipes

Whether you are in quarantine, at home or out and about. Wet wipes or custom hand sanitizers always come in handy to keep pesky germs away. Always keep your hands germ free!

Qurantine Pack

Qurantine Pack – how are hotels serving quarantine serving guests


  1. Hair ties

Long or short hair. Hair tie is a necessity for keeping hair out of your face when you are doing work or when you are showering. It gets distractions out of the way.

  1. Toothpaste & Toothbrush

Important on the daily to keep you minty fresh throughout the day. Disposable ones are important now as you wouldn’t want any risk of infection from used products.

  1. Cotton buds

Something most people don’t think to have. But these small cleaning devices prove to come in handy in unexpected situations.

Quarantine Pack

Quarantine Pack – How are hotels serving quarantine serving guests?

All these products come together to form a quarantine pack for guests who are under quarantine in hotels or patients in hospitals and can serve as hotel marketing too. Implementing this pack is sure to be on globally. For the convenience and security of disposing of the things of any infected guest/patient.

In this time where we are exercising responsibility by staying at home, we can create our own quarantine packs. To be prepared and stay safe & healthy in any situation.

We hope that this blog was helpful in understanding the importance of being prepared as home quarantines are growing more and more common. As well as how hotels and hospitals are providing for the quarantined.


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