In light of the recent Coronavirus situation, we have made a list of basic items that you should include in your emergency bags. During these times, it is important to arm yourself with the right information and protective products to keep yourself healthy.

Check out some of our recommended items for your custom pandemic kit.

Custom Pandemic Kit

Custom Pandemic Kit

1.Face Masks

Face masks are an absolute must, especially if you are working in the health and medical field or when commuting to work or grocery. A face mask has a filter that helps filter out the virus. At times like these, people will surely flock to the supermarket and buy all the masks that they could get their hands on. As such, it is the perfect time to be offering free face masks to your employees.

2. Custom Face Mask Pouch

Keep your spare face mask clean by keeping them in a face mask pouch.

Custom Pandemic Kit - Custom Face Mask Pouch

Custom Pandemic Kit – Custom Face Mask Pouch


3. Hand Sanitizers

With today’s health situation, custom hand sanitizers should always be a part of your emergency bag. Frequent hand washing is the best way to combat deadly disease-causing bacteria and viruses, however, if you are traveling and there is no water source, a hand sanitizer will come in handy. Do you love these cute hand sanitizers? Send an inquiry for product code ODM-1669

Custom Pandemic Kit - Custom-Hand-Sanitizer

Custom Pandemic Kit – Custom-Hand-Sanitizers


4. Travel Bottles

Reusable containers are great for downsizing large tubs of liquid soap and sanitizers. If you like these products, send us an inquiry for product code ODM-2125.

Custom Pandemic Kit - Travel Bottles

Custom Pandemic Kit – Travel Bottles

5. Latex Gloves

According to studies, Coronavirus linger in the air and surfaces for a few hours. Thus, if you are working in the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19, then you will definitely need latex gloves to keep your hands clean and prevent the spread of the virus.


6. Water Bottle

Drinking lots of water can help our body to recover faster from the flu. So, if you are thinking of putting together a custom pandemic kit, then always make sure to add a custom water bottle in the mix. Power and water supply outages are inevitable. As such, keeping a bottle of water in your kit will surely help you get through the day. The below example is a water bottle with a detachable pillbox, an excellent promotional idea for healthcare.

Custom Pandemi Kit - Water Bottle

Custom Pandemic Kit – Water Bottle

7. Pill Case

Whether it is a simple case of cold and flu, it is always advisable to have over-the-counter drugs and prescription meds in your emergency bags. Having these items ready will ensure that customers will not have to go outside their homes to buy medicine. Keeping them in the pill case also ensures that customers will take the prescribed medicine.

Custom Pandemic Kit - Pill Case

Custom Pandemic Kit – Pill Case


8. Promotional First Aid Kit

If you are going to offer a custom pandemic kit, then make sure to include a first aid kit in the bag. This is important as it ensures that customers will be able to manage any types of injuries that need immediate attention. This should include antiseptics, sterile gauze, tape, bandages, and cotton. Having a first aid kit ready will ensure that injuries are taken care of before they become worse.

Custom Pandemic Kit - Promotional First Aid Kit

Custom Pandemic Kit – Promotional First Aid Kit

9. Soap

Include a bar of soap or liquid hand soap in your custom pandemic kit. This will ensure that your clients will have something to wash their hands with, in case of home quarantine.


10. Emergency Kit

Flashlights, spare batteries, candles, and spare food should also be included in your custom pandemic kit. Having these essential items will ensure that people will not have to go out of their houses to buy them. The below example is an LED hand-pressing flashlight. It does not require batteries to work, so this is very convenient to use, money and energy-saving, and eco-friendly. If you like this product, quote product code ODM-2811.

Custom Pandemic Kit - Emergency Kit - Hand Pressing Flashlight

Custom Pandemic Kit – Emergency Kit – Hand Pressing Flashlight



11. Thermometer

This is extremely important for pandemic kits. With many people getting sick due to coronavirus, the demand for quick medical attention is necessary. As such, health workers need to arm themselves with a thermometer to monitor their patient’s body temperature.


From a marketing perspective, pandemic advertising will play a crucial role in curbing coronavirus and other epidemics. You can put all these stuff in a promotional drawstring bag, have your brand printed on it, and give them away to your clients, customers, and employees. Doing so will help you significantly improve your brand image while also keeping everyone safe and healthy. Therefore, it is a win-win for the company and the people.

Secondly, as business owners, we must always make sure to give customers what they need especially in these times of crisis. As such, having a custom pandemic kit as a special offer GWP or as separate retail merchandise can also help in preventing hoarding of essential healthcare and protective items during this time.


ODM is committed to working with partners as a Transparent Buying Office. We work open book with clients, factories and suppliers. It is critical to get supplies moving fast and to have fair market pricing during the current Pandemic. Check out other #Covid19 related posts.


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