Ho Chi Minh is a vibrant city where a part of our team is located. One of our team members came back with a bottle of hand sanitizer because she purchased a smoothie in the little shop downstairs. Whereas the worldwide demand for hand sanitizer has reached a critical point because of health urgency, this promotion is actually very clever.

gift with purchase : buy 1 smoothie, get 1 hand sanitizer in Ho Chi Minh

Gift with purchase : buy 1 smoothie, get 1 hand sanitizer in Ho Chi Minh

Why this promotion is so successful?

Buy a smoothie, get one hand sanitizer for free, this is a smart gift with purchase campaign. You probably know that the world is facing a serious health crisis due to COVID-19. Businesses have to be prepared for the terrible impacts caused by this virus. Actually, businesses can adjust promotions according to current conditions and can develop useful gifts. People are caring a lot about hygiene and try to remain healthy so as to not be infected by the virus. Moreover, using a hand sanitizer is actually very important to help protect yourself from germs and bacteria.

While some companies develop promotional gift mugs, promotional safe boxes or promotional pouch bags, others try to create something very useful for consumers depending on the conditions. For example, this little shop in the Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh, had the smart idea of promoting their healthy smoothies by offering 1 hand sanitizer with the purchase of their drinks. For the first time, their sales were decreasing as people prefer to stay at home in order to avoid being contaminated. But since launching this promotion, the sales have been increasing in an impressive way. She also put the emphasis on staying healthy with smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Hand sanitizer promotion : GWP

This is the Annie’s Shop in Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh. Very traditional Vietnamese shop with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables!

Hand sanitizer promotion : GWP

The shop has a lot of juices, hot and cold teas, hot and cold coffees, as well as smoothies. And they are all very delicious.

Hand sanitizer promotion : GWP

Annie’s shop in Ho Chi Minh, Binh Thanh

How to create a successful promotion for hand sanitizers?

  1. The first step is to adjust all your marketing and communication strategies to suit the current situation. This is also to ensure that your customers are getting what they need.
  2. Then, in order to raise brand awareness, you can customize the hand sanitizer with your logo or you can also develop some hand sanitizers holders with your logo on it.
  3. Develop a catchy message and emphasize the importance of staying healthy. Or give tips on how to avoid getting infected. In essence, you can turn your company hand sanitizers into an information dissemination tool.
  4. Finally, don’t forget to promote it on social media!


You want to create branded hand sanitizer holders but you don’t have a designer? No problem! You can contact us, our team of expert designers will be pleased to develop a promotional product to encourage proper hygiene and health-promoting behavior among consumers.

Hand sanitizer promotion : GWP

Hand sanitizer promotion

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