Jeff de Bruges has found a cool way to market their delicious chocolates. Their mouth watering delights come in a promotional gift mug perfect for Christmas!

Promotional Gift Mug by Jeff de Bruges A Classic Marketing Tactic

Promotional Gift Mug by Jeff de Bruges A Classic Marketing Tactic

The chocolates are nicely packaged and are placed in colorful themed mugs. More people choose chocolates as gift for special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and birthdays. This translates to tougher competition. As such, it’s extremely important to have such unique gift to your loyal customers. Below ODM shares what we love about this promotional product.

Promotional Gift Mug: What Makes Them Click

Here’s why Jeff de Bruges’ Christmas GWP item is a good idea:

  • Practical: Practical items make wonderful gift with purchase items because people will surely use them. They won’t throw useful items such as mugs, pens, plates, and umbrellas. Using your branded items everyday will increase brand exposure and brand recall. Furthermore, the Christmas themed mug makes it look like they are buying two products for less!
  • Cool Custom Designs: The company’s decision to use custom mugs with cool designs is a good move. Not only are they practical, but they are attractive as well. Buyers love beautiful gifts and having this coffee mug as gwp adds value to their product. They are visually appealing, which helped them stand out.
  • CustomizableProduction and designing of marketing gift mugs are easy and cost efficient. Marketers can have them customized to suit their business needs. In our example, you’ll see that the designs are Christmas-themed. It’s timely and makes a greater impact on Christmas shoppers.
  • Gift-Ready: The mug is not only a GWP item, but it also doubles as a unique food packaging solution. This makes their product gift-ready. And since most people are busy preparing for the holidays, they barely have time to shop for gifts. Thus, their marketing tactic is truly useful for many.

Our Takeaway…

Mugs are a classic promotional merchandise. They are timeless and work well with any type of marketing and promotional activity.

We have written over a hundred case studies about promotional mugs and we’ve noticed a prevailing pattern here. They are valued for their versatility, usefulness, and design flexibility. Just take a look at some of our previous blogs about promotional mugs:

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Whether you’re a successful company, currently undergoing rebranding, or starting up, a promotional gift mug can be an effective means to get your brand out there. If you need help, speak with ODM. Our experienced product designers at Mindsparkz will help you develop high quality designs. You can also subscribe to our blog to receive exciting updates!

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