Folgers is a known coffee brand in the United States which started in the 1850s. Now, they have become one of the leading coffee brands in the country. And to show their gratitude for their customers and to further strengthen their market base, they are offering customers a promotional ceramic mug.

Folgers Kickstart Its Marketing With A Promotional Ceramic Mug

Folgers Kickstart Its Marketing With A Promotional Ceramic Mug

How Can A Promotional Ceramic Mug Help Realise Your Marketing Goals?

  • Brand Exposure – Customers surely use a mug for their coffee everyday. Therefore, this promotional ceramic mug is a great tool to further expose the brand which eventually promotes brand retention. Because customers will always see the logo, they’ll eventually get used to it. Furthermore, they will feel closer to the brand and will have more trust in it. Exposure is very important for a brand’s reputation.
  • Customisation –  Mugs are extremely easy to customise. It is possible to get creative on the print colour and design. We highly recommend using easy to read designs that highlight the brand/logo. It doesn’t need to be too much. A simple logo on a custom mug will suffice. If you would like to know more about manufacturing promotional ceramic mugs, please feel free to click on the link below.
  • Practicality– A useful and practical gift gives customers a reason to purchase the product. It also caters to the need of customers. Also, when marketing gifts are useful, just like these customised mugs, customers would feel they are being valued. This strengthens the brand’s relationship with its customers.

Gift with purchase marketing is effective in affecting customers’ buying emotions. In fact, many businesses are offering custom promotional items to grab customers’ attention and raise brand recognition.

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The carabiner handle makes the cup stand out from the rest of the promotional branded mugs in the market. It easily attaches to your bag and/ or anything which means customers would be able to use this more often.

This product is similar in design to the copper mugs that bars traditionally serve ‘Moscow Mule’ cocktails in. As a result, many customers would associate a popular drink with this mug. This makes these mugs a perfect gift with purchase option for premium alcohol brands.

The design – coffee beans – is very appropriate. it is meaningful and it deeply resonates with the brand image. Here, the brand used gold foil printing technique to achieve the lustrous gold finish of the printed design.