Avengers End Game is one of the most awaited films to ever grace the silver screen. Therefore, brands would love to take part in this movie franchise’ success. In our case study today, we see Petron Fuels, a Philippine-based gas company collaborates with the Avengers brand to create their very own custom travel mug.

Petron Teams Up With Avengers For A Custom Travel Mug

Petron Teams Up With Avengers For A Custom Travel Mug

Custom Travel Mug

This promotional mug has a unique design because it boasts a functional carabiner for the handle. The promo gift easily clips onto your bag, belt, or just about anything. It’s also made from quality stainless steel which is lightweight and easy to clean. Overall, this marketing gift is best for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Why Do We Love This Promotion From Petron?

  • Clever Partnership – We love the idea of a big brand collaborating with another brand that is from a completely different industry. This widens the reach of both brands which clearly contributes to the success of the whole marketing campaign.
  • Functional Design – The carabiner handle makes the cup stand out from the rest of the promotional branded mugs in the market. It easily attaches to your bag and/ or anything which means customers would be able to use this more often. Looking for another unique mug design, check out this custom mug from Lego.
  • Branding potential – As you may have noticed, the steel mug has a wide area for branding. The Avengers logo spreads perfectly on the sides making it visible even from afar.
  • Practical – The mugs are made from durable steel. This is ideal for parties, treks, and adventures where drops and spills are often an issue.
  • Collector’s Item – Since the MCU movies are hitting it big in the box office, a lot of people would love to keep a memorabilia or collector’s item from these successful franchise. Therefore, this mug easily attracts collectors and fans.

Overall, personalized promotional products are very effective in marketing strategies. Petron’s custom travel mug is an instant favourite whilst Avengers is breaking box-office records. So, we can say that this collaboration is a huge marketing success.

If you would like to create your own set of custom mugs, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our product designers will help you design your mug that fits your marketing budget and target customers.


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A promotional mug with your logo on all sides is an attractive way to promote your brand right after purchase. Ensure eye-catching designs and high-quality mugs so customers won’t be able to resist the urge to pick it up especially when bundled as a gift with purchase

Your customers will probably sipping it while going to work, exhibiting it on the desk at work and using it for outdoor activities. With a visible logo on the stainless steel mug, there will be plenty of opportunities for your brand to be advertised.