Mugs are popular merchandise among households. Due to to their large size and versatility they can be used for various hot beverages, such as tea and coffee or even soup. Mostly, they are unique in their own way which is why you won’t find just one type of mug in a kitchen cupboard. This Build-On Brick mug would be the perfect gift to give to customers to add to their collection.

Being both a drinkware and a recreational toy, the Build-On Brick Mug lets you customise the look of your mug using Lego pieces. You use the plastic building blocks to build your custom design around the mug, making the design possibilities endless. This is a fun way to unleash your customer’s creative side and get them to interact with the product. This mug is great for customers of any age and is great for families.


Build-On Brick Mug Great for Marketing and Promotion

Build-On Brick Mug – Customisable and Fun Promotional Idea

Build-On Brick Mug Packaging

Every Build-On Brick Mug is packed in a clear Crystalline Polyethylene Terephthalate box and cardboard material, which firmly holds the mug inside. The cardboard also comes with a printed instruction to guide the customer on how to use the product. Also, the clear outer box helps protect the product while still being able to show off the merchandise with minimal obstruction.

What do we love about the Build-On Brick mug?

The Build-On Brick Mug is an item that is great for different types of customers. It is suitable for all ages and this will help boost the company’s consumer base. Apart from this, there are several more reasons why the Build-On Brick Mug is a great addition to your store shelves:

  • Unique: This mug is unlike any other conventional drinkware. Because of this, customers are sure to prefer this merchandise over other ones.
  • Design Appeal: Lego is popular and recognised worldwide, these building blocks are reminiscent to product and will remind people of this much loved toy, attracting more customers. Also, the design of the mug can be customised to their heart’s desire.
  • Finer brand remembrance: For a company to be well-remembered, this means having a product unlike any other. This will help remind your customers about the unique items you have in store and will stimulate sales.

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