Pampering yourselves is never going to get old, it’s not a trend but a luxury for many. More people nowadays are making time to freshen up, do a beauty routine with a face mask, paint their nails while hanging out with friends. This branded manicure set is the perfect promotional gift for brands in the fashion, beauty and cosmetic industry. This branded manicure set can be part of promotional gift sets including other products such as a custom face towel, travel accessories and custom toiletry bags.

Branded Manicure Set

Branded Manicure Set


What is included in a Branded Manicure Set?

This retro themed manicure set comes in a metal case with velvet lining inside which is available in different colours. The manicure items include:

  • Nail cutter
  • Scissors
  • Nail file
  • Two types of tweezers

Each item can be engraved with the brand’s logo, initials, or a unique design to give it a higher perceived value and differentiate from competitors. By gifting customers products which are beneficial to them is a way of showing that the company is interested in their well-being and self-investment. This will enhance customer loyalty and grant a greater brand image and association.

Branded Manicure Set

Branded Manicure Set

The branded manicure set can be upgraded by adding extra products related to the brand. Here are some examples:


Why you should invest in a branded manicure set:

By investing in this product, you are directly investing into your customers. This marketing strategy will be a successful way to increase sales as a gift with purchase or promotional product. There are many items in this one set which makes it highly useful and valuable.


Does this product suit your brand image? What colour packaging and lining would you pick? Which extra products would your customers like? At ODM, we can make a range of products to suit our client’s needs to ensure happy customers. Our design team Mindsparkz are fantastic at creating innovative ideas and can help by adding a flare of creativity to products. The product code for this item is 2756. Please refer to this code if interested in this product when contacting our offices in China or Vietnam.


For more promotional product ideas:

For other promotional beauty products, a toiletry bag is a popular item made by many other companies such as Estee Lauder.


Another customised item to pamper your customers with is a face massager. Face masks and routines are trending. This product will be a hit!


Rather than a manicure set, a jewellery pouch is a similar item to appeal to customers.


For fragrance brands, here are some bottle design ideas to appeal to customers and stand out from competitors.


This 2-in-1 customizable power bank with mirror will help customers save space!