Beauty care products are frequently sold with popular gifts. However, promotion must be carefully implemented on high end goods in order not to lower their perceived value by giving “freebies”.

In order to increase sales and better showcase its products, the prestigious Makeup / Skincare company Estee Lauder offered a gift with multiple purchase promotional offer:

  • For the purchase of a skin care “Serum” and any other Estee Lauder product, receive a fancy travel size toiletry case as gift with purchase .

Done in partnership with the local French retailer ” Marionnaud“, this gift with purchase presents numerous advantages:

  • High perceived value due to the absence of any logo on the toiletries bag
  • Repeated usage of the gift in the future, thus long lasting promotional effect
  • Superior POS display, thus alluring a greater number of potential consumer toward the special offer and to Estee Lauder’s product in general