ODM are always  on  the  lookout   for new promotional ideas – we discovered this gift with purchase offered in French supermarkets over the holiday season.

Champagne is globally recognized as a luxury good and thus benefits from a very prestigious image. Various brands of this delicacy need to think outside the box in order to effectively promote their brands.

Champagne producer Pommery did just that through a gift with purchase offer in order to entice potential customers to buy their products. With the purchase of a regular Pommery bottle, receive a champagne bucket as a promo.

Gifts with purchase hit their target provided the right promotional product is attached. The choice of a bucket for Pommery is the right one as no one likes to drink lukewarm champagne:

  • Pommery is clearly showcased on the bucket, insuring long lasting exposition to the brand in the future
  • The bucket will certainly be reused on future occasions and the Pommery brand will be exposed no matter what brand of the bottle is being cooled.