Everybody knows the best way to keep your shortbread cookies fresh and crunchy is to store them in a biscuit tin box. Remember the old vintage boxes placed on the top shelve of the cupboard in which your grandmother used to hide her delicious cookies?

Delacre is a famous shortbread cookie brand bringing back this old tradition with its own tin box showcasing Tintin artwork.

Tintin is a very famous comic character in Europe, known by both children and their parents.

By projecting Tintin’s image on the tin box, Delacre insures maximum exposure to the product  – it is recognized by the family as a whole.

This is a clear example of a successful licensing agreement because it provides:

  • Familiarity to consumer due to the showcasing of a known & liked character
  • Encourages new consumer to sample the product
  • Enhance product & company’s image
  • Differentiate the product from competitors

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