Looking back over ChristmasODM witnessed a clear trend originating from different brands – the desire to keep the true spirit of this traditional event alive.

Although Christmas seems to became more and more business oriented, companies are increasingly trying to bring back its original values, namely sharing and helping the needy.     An example of this trend can be observed in France where perfume retailer Marionnaud, & brand Thierry Mugler, joined force on a very special operation.

Buy this plush polar bear for €7,90 and proceeds go to help the CEW charity association (Cosmetic Executive Women).  The CEW provide essential cosmetic surgery to women in 24 different hospitals every year. In 5 years, 120,000 aesthetic care procedures have been offered to over 70,000 inpatients (body care, skincare, make-up…).

Charity campaigns are one of the many options you can choose to demonstrate your commitment to a collective cause working with not-for-profit organisations.

Although in this example the special occasion was Christmas, this type of campaign can be replicated anytime during the year without any specific event to back it up.

Plush, keychain, t-shirt, bags, pens, Penfan … the panel of products worth a donation is large. ODM would be thrilled to help you make a difference by providing you with quality products perfect for such an occasion.

One cause we recommend for immediate impact is Cambodia with Love.