Check out this cool shopping bag plush! Looking like a normal bear plush, you will never know what’s behind. Use this promo idea to market your product!

Promo Idea - Shopping Bag Plush

Promo Idea – Shopping Bag Plush

What is this promo idea all about?

A shopping bag is stored inside this plush, making it convenient for users to carry around. They can put it inside their bags or clip it outside their backpacks. Also, when the shopping bag is used, the bear plush can be clipped on it and act as a sweet accessory, making it different than any other shopping bags. It is also environmentally friendly as it promotes reusing of the bag.

This is a great promo idea that can portray your corporate social responsibility! It is especially so in environmentally friendly countries where plastic bags are chargeable by shopping centres. You even help your customer to save their money on plastic bags. How amazing is that!

Where to brand this shopping bag?

You can embroider your company logo on the bear’s feet or hands. You can also put a label on the shopping bag for subtle branding. ODM recommends printing the logo on the shopping bag itself. This will not only increase your brand awareness but also facilitate free advertising. When your customers use this in a crowded shopping centre, imagine how many people will see your attractive shopping bag. If they are left wondering where this person get the bag from, you have just lost your chance of getting a new customer! This is also effective for charitable organisation who wants to promote their cause to people. Print your slogan on the bag to communicate your message to the world!

If you have a company mascot like Coca-Cola, you can change this bear plush with your mascot. This will definitely increase brand awareness and give your company a better brand image. There are many interesting ways ODM can suggest to you. All you have to do is to discuss it with our promotional gift specialists!