Many countries are pushing for a greener and more sustainable retail environment by banning single-use plastic. As such reusable shopping bags have become a must-have in every household and retail chain. And one way to reinforce this practice is to incentivize customers with a promo shopping bag with every purchase! One great example is Knorr’s on-pack promotional gift.

In the Philippines alone, twenty-seven municipalities in the country implemented the “No Plastic Policy”. Anyone who will be caught carrying a plastic bag will be fined. But in some cities, the ban is limited only to some specific establishments or areas. Thus, the implementation of this policy started the mass production of innovative shopping bags. Some bags were made out of paper, rattan, cloth, and recycled plastic. Aside from helping the environment one reusable shopping bag at a time, this also a lucrative opportunity to position their businesses as eco-friendly.

Knorr, a Food and Beverage brand, is one of the brands that had success in using a promo shopping bag to create a positive brand image while also incentivizing customers. Here is the woven PP shopping bag that we obtained from our recent purchase of their “Sinigang sa Sampaloc” mix.

promo shopping bag

Knorr’s Promo Shopping Bag

How to Obtain this Promo Shopping Bag?

If you are a mother or a regular shopper, you can get this bag when you buy a pack of 12 sachets of Knorr Sinigang sa Sampalok, and you will get this shopping bag for FREE!

promo shopping bag

Promo Shopping Bag


There are so many reasons why to avail of this bag. It makes your shopping experience more convenient, and you absolutely help to protect the environment. So it is definitely a win-win!

promo shopping bag

Promo Shopping Bag

4 Reasons Why It is a Practical on Pack Gift for Shoppers

Effective Marketing Strategy

Online marketing does work. And old-fashioned promotions still do. A study conducted found out that 85% of people who received promotional items remember the brand’s name. Your brand gets publicity whenever people carry your company’s shopping bag. Thus, it makes an effective custom promotional merchandise.

Long-Term Exposure

People usually reused their shopping bags for a span of 11 months. A shopping bag acts as a walking billboard. People take them anywhere, unconsciously promoting your brand. This small investment makes a long-term exposure and promotion of your business.

Low-cost Product Promotion

There is no doubt that advertising a product cost a lot of money. It is indeed a big investment for business owners. An advertisement works only when paid. And this fact is the reason why brand promotion is very expensive.

Instead of spending so many resources, why not try other alternatives and low-cost product promotion. A promo shopping bag could be one of the best options. It is cheaper to produce and definitely way cheaper to advertise.

Build Brand’s Image

Your reusable shopping bag creates an impression to people that you care for the environment, which is definitely true. This bag helps you build your brand’s image and reputation in the community.

promo shopping bag

Promo Shopping Bag

Benefits of Using Reusable Shopping Bag

Most shoppers are mothers. They are the one who is the main target of this marketing style. So here are some of the many reasons why buyers will surely avail this promo.


This shopping bag is proven to be fairly sturdy since it is woven PP. It can carry heavy loads of grocery items. Moreso, shoppers don’t have to bother putting wet goods inside. Thus, they will no longer experience spilled wet groceries with this shopping bag.

Promo Shopping Bag

Promo Shopping Bag


Its durability makes this bag reusable. This promo shopping bag is specifically designed to be reused. It also has an elastic band to keep it neatly folded, making it ready for the next use. This bag can be used multiple times as long as it is cleaned properly after use. Definitely, it is more eco-friendly compared to non-biodegradable plastic bags.

Informative and Engaging

Knorr’s promo shopping bag has a recipe written on the outside. It is one of the unique things about this bag. It is probably a big help to those mothers who are looking for a new recipe to serve their families. Moreover, it has a QR code that when scanned will direct you to the website of Knorr. It helps buyers to access Knorr’s website easily and they will also immediately access the promos that the brand has. Truly, the brand always thinks of their customers ‘ convenience above all else.

promo shopping bag


Aside from being used in buying groceries, it also doubles as a storage bag for other kitchen tools to keep them organized. Thus, it is space-saving and an ingenious way to utilize a promotional product.

promo shopping bag

Promo Shopping Bag


This promotional strategy of Knorr is absolutely an amazing one. Offering something that can be reused and is eco-friendly is a surefire way to get people talking about your brand. Moreover, an on-pack offer never fails in making people want to make additional purchases.


How can ODM help?

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