For the month of January, Wellcome supermarkets in Hong Kong are giving away an oversized shopping bag for HKD$0.5 (USD$0.06) with purchase of HKD$99 (USD$12.77) of groceries.   This is a promotion to tie in with the Governments environmental levy scheme on plastic bags

With more than 6 different designs to choose from, the patterns of the bag change each week.  Encourages repeat purchase to collect all designs.

This promotion discourages the use of plastic bags.  At the same time it helps advertise the various brands sold in the supermarket.   Heineken, Haagen Daz, M&Ms, Instant Noodles etc.

Reusable bags are a practical giveaway that can promote your brand and ODM manufactures a wide variety of logo bags made with different materials such as – cotton, canvas, polypropylene, natural cotton etc.