Pureen Malaysia is running a promotional campaign by offering shopping bags and poncho towels for free! Shoppers can get the  promotional bags  with purchase of  RM40, and the promotional poncho towel with purchase of RM200. The gifts are limited to the first 100 customers on a first come first serve basis. There are 4 additional designs to the bags that  shoppers can collect.

Promotional Poncho Towel and shopping bags

Promotional Poncho Towel and shopping bags

Why Promotional Poncho Towels and Shopping Bags as GWP ?

The promotional poncho towel is different from regular towels as it is hooded and wearable. This makes the towel unique as you can design it with different styles. You can incorporate cute animal prints for a younger target market, just like Pureen, or choosing fashionable designs for a different target market. With a higher budget, you can even procure higher quality towels to offer to your customers. The promotional poncho towels can be used as a purchase with purchase (PWP) campaign to justify the cost spend on the high quality gifts.

The promotional shopping bags can be made from different materials such as nylon, plastic,  synthetic fibers and other recyclable materials. You can choose a suitable material that fits your campaign budget. Moreover, the large and flat surface area of the bag serves as a fantastic branding opportunity for your product.  Your company logo and slogan  can be  printed on the large surface area. This ensures brand visibility and brand exposure to various people.

Both promotional poncho towel and shopping bags are ideal marketing gifts as they are relatively a low cost advertising tool. The cost depend on the materials, design and size you wish to customize. In addition, you can expect short-term results such as increase in sales during promotion month and long-term results such as customer loyalty. When customer loyalty is retained, you can expect continuous purchase from your company and not your competitors. It is important  to have short-term and long-term results in keeping a business strong. The product brand will experience potential and larger growth when you incorporate gifts in your marketing/promotional campaign.

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